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13 Mar 04,, 01:03
Canadian troops on their way to Haiti

MONTREAL (AFP) Mar 12, 2004

Canadian troops were on their way to Haiti early Friday to join an international force being formed to pacify the violence-ravaged Caribbean nation.
The 35 troops are based in Gagetown, New Brunswick, and are among 450 soldiers Canada plans to send to Haiti, Defense Ministry spokeswoman Diane Glover said.

The remaining troops will arrive in the island in the next two weeks.

About 60 troops were sent to Haiti to protect the Canadian embassy and its citizens before former President Jean Bertrand Aristide's February 29 resignation.


Officer of Engineers
13 Mar 04,, 07:45
Basically an air assualt coy grp. Also, just an FYI, all Canadian gov't depts are forbidden by law to mention the presence of JTF II (Joint Task Force II) personnel, aka Canadian commandoes.

Canadian Forces Commitment to Haiti
BG-04.007c - March 9, 2004

Op HALO CF Commitment to the United Nations Sanctioned Multinational Interim Force

The Canadian Forces will deploy about 450 personnel and six CH-146 Griffon helicopters to Haiti as part of the United Nations Multinational Interim Force to assist in bringing stability to the country. The CF commitment to this force is named Operation HALO .

Elements of the Second Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment based in Gagetown, New Brunswick, the Canadian Forces Joint Operations Group in Kingston, Ontario, and 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron based in Valcartier, Quebec, will commence deployment to the Haiti region within the next week.

Hercules and Polaris aircraft based at 8 Wing, Trenton, Ontario, will provide airlift support for this deployment. This operation is scheduled to last for approximately 90 days.

We currently have deployed a small strategic reconnaissance team to Haiti, whose personnel are mainly from the Canadian Forces Joint Operations Group in Kingston. They reached Haiti via CF Hercules aircraft from CFB Trenton over the weekend and will return in a few days.

Joint Task Force PRINCIPAL
The Canadian Forces (CF) has provided extensive support to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) efforts to assist Canadians and other nationals in Haiti.

At the request of DFA, the CF dispatched personnel to assist in implementing emergency contingency plans and security measures. Additionally, four CC-130 Hercules aircraft from 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario were deployed and facilitated the voluntary departure of civilians in the absence of commercial flights.

At its height, more than 100 CF personnel and four CC-130 Hercules aircraft were operating in the region as part of Joint Task Force PRINCIPAL.

As a result of the resumption of the flow of commercial air traffic, Joint Task Force PRINCIPAL was operationally realigned. This realignment saw the redeployment of the four CC-130 Hercules in the first week of March.

To date, Joint Task Force PRINCIPAL has made the following contributions:

CF aircraft have conducted 11 flights, transporting about 340 people out of Haiti, of which approximately 200 were Canadian citizens. The remainder were of different nationalities and included French, American and Dutch citizens.

CF aircraft also delivered 50 litres of blood from the Dominican Republic to Haiti on behalf of the Red Cross.

CF personnel and aircraft participated in the medical evacuation of a Haitian woman who had suffered gunshot wounds. She was flown to the Dominican Republic where the Dominican Red Cross escorted her to a hospital. She is reportedly now in stable condition.

A Canadian Forces (CF) CC-130 Hercules aircraft assisted the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) with the delivery of five pallets of humanitarian aid supplies from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, today to help bring relief to those suffering as a result of recent instability in the country. The humanitarian aid, consisting primarily of medical supplies, was pooled by the Red Cross and prepared for shipment by CF personnel in Santo Domingo.