View Full Version : I've given up trying to be pilote to Vision

Officer of Engineers
26 Feb 04,, 05:58
For Your Action

And I will accept your decision on this matter.

26 Feb 04,, 15:44
Got a link to the thread(s) your referring to?

Officer of Engineers
26 Feb 04,, 18:07
Situation has changed. Will advise if it detoriates.

26 Feb 04,, 18:16

Give him a chance. I know you will not agree. But remember, I told you that there is a preception difference of the East and the West. Patience always wins. If it doesn't...... then KNOCK the hell out. I am sure that stage has not yet reached that stage.

He is not a freak. He is just exhubrant and maybe misguided like a SCUD,

Sorry for moralising.

Officer of Engineers
26 Feb 04,, 18:39

I am checking my fire and monitoring the situation. The chance is there for him to take.

26 Feb 04,, 18:51
A rule about personal attacks has been layed out for him. Not to mention his saying your not actual military is a serious accusation.

26 Feb 04,, 19:43
I am trying to mediate the situation.

27 Feb 04,, 05:19
Thanks Ironman.

Situation seems to have changed.