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22 Feb 04,, 06:40
Though in this case less tannerite might of been a better idea. ;)


So you're out having some fun at the range with friends (Mcloud and Kilgore). Some asshole brings along Tannerite (that's me) and an old full sized dryer (Kilgore).

So I decide to put 1/2lbs of Tannerite in the dryer, get back 80 yards and shoot it. I figured Mcloud would enjoy using my little camera (no sound...) on video mode to capture the fun.

I'm surprised Mcloud still talks to me.

Here's the silent video. The dryer is facing us, I'm standing behind Mclouds truck shooting over the hood. The dryer is the large square black object that explodes in the video... the rest speaks for itself.

Watch that a few times! The whole front of the dryer lands within feet of us. This has to be some of the best video I've ever seen... with the exception I thought I might loose a body part getting it. Let's not mention Mcloud who wasn't behind the truck, but was standing right beside me. It flew DIRECTLY at him!

22 Feb 04,, 06:53