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24 Sep 06,, 18:48
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Musharraf’s image bombed back to Stone Age, say analysts

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani analysts on Saturday said that President General Pervez Musharraf’s disclosure of the United States bomb threat had backfired, making him appear weak before the Pakistani people.

“It is a bad reflection on the Pakistani leadership that it buckled to pressures despite the fact that we are a powerful nation with a strong army and nuclear power,” former army chief General Mirza Aslam Beg told AFP.

“America threatened Iran with dire consequences - but have they succumbed to the pressure?” asked Beg, who now runs his own think-tank. Moreover, Beg said that the so-called revelation was especially puzzling given that the alleged threat had already been reported in the Pakistani press soon after the 9/11 attacks.

“This news is five years old,” he said. “He probably wants to remind his bosses in Washington how obediently he followed their diktat.” Defence analyst Talat Masood points out that even if Musharraf had made the comment to explain the pressure he was under immediately after the terrorist attacks in a bid to quell domestic opposition over his ties to Washington, it represented a “poor management of public relations”.

After all, the Pakistani people would ask how the US could be so “rude and aggressive” when it was meant to be an ally.

“Musharraf’s statement reflects the fragile nature of our relations with Washington,” Masood said.

While acknowledging that Musharraf’s support of the US may have been in the national interest, Masood went on to say that he was “baffled” as to what the president would achieve by publicly saying so.

Columnist and political analyst Mohammad Afzal Niazi, however, while conceding Musharraf’s statement was “confusing”, noted that it came “just before the launch of his book”. It was therefore possible, he said, that Musharraf had his eye on securing publicity for his autobiography, due to be officially launched in the US next week.

However, he also agreed that the fallout would be increased anti-US sentiment within Pakistan. “It obviously does not make America very popular. For many it would mean the US is a bully.” afp


Indeed it is stupid of Musharraf to have stated so, especially since it had no relevance to context after five years!

If it was a publicity stunt for his book release, then he is a cheap person who puts his bank balance before his country and his countrymen, who have been demeaned by Musharraf statement, which indicate a fear crazed country that has been brought to its knees by mere words of an American bureaucrat.

During his last visit he stated that Pakistani Moslem women prostitute themselves to go abroad or words to that effect. And now he states that he defecated green because the burly and muscular Armstead made some strong noises! I thought sticks and stones break bones but words cannot bring harm to anyone. Ths surely puts the Pakistan leadership in poor light that it is a fearcrazsed leadership that is moribund.

Mushrraf is indeed a strange man.

He sells his country for his own personal gains!

Or is it that every time he visits the USA, the CIA puts him on a pill that makes him state the most disgraceful things about his own country, which he heads quasi legally.

Lahori paa jee
24 Sep 06,, 20:59
Actually he considers himself a great philosopher and thats why he keeps delivering those lectures. But in doing so he often gets off the track and makes comments only to deny them later

24 Sep 06,, 22:10

Every time he visits the US, he puts his foot in his mouth!

Why is he so bent on insulting his own country of which he is the head, even if he did come to this post through unparliamentary means in the beginning and then ensuring some legitimacy!

He should not be allowed to go to the US.

25 Sep 06,, 06:44
It was justa blatant and shameless effort to sell his book nothing else, Bush clearly stated it when he said "in other words he means buy the book".

A dilomatic e e ting was turned into a book release function by Mushraff,he is said to recieve close to a million dollars for this book andthe main amrket is US as Pakistan isnt a hot cake in europe after the 7/7.

25 Sep 06,, 06:51
Mushraff has comeout with his out of the box ideas in his book "in the line of fire"..
1.Identify the geigraphicregions of erstwhile J&K
2.Demilirisation of the region
3.Self govrnance or self rule in that region
4.Jt mechanishm with Indians,Pakistanis and kashmiris overlooking the self governance.

Now which of the above is out of the box???He says he reached into this conclusion after considerable delibration.:rolleyes:

25 Sep 06,, 06:56
Actually he considers himself a great philosopher and thats why he keeps delivering those lectures. But in doing so he often gets off the track and makes comments only to deny them later

This is for you lahori,its from todays paper