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24 Sep 06,, 12:12
Dear Members,

I would like to make a quick reminder concerning various deregatory religious comments that have come to our attention recently.

Making deregatory comments on religion and/or religious figures violates the following rules:

2.1. starting or continuing flame wars, engaging in trolling activity
2.2. deregatory remarks concerning religions, cultures, nations, or race

Making such comments creates an unwanted, hostile atmosphere on the World Affairs Board, and are expressly forbidden. We ask that all who participate here show the same kind of respect they themselves deserve from others.

WAB has a secular outlook, and is not intended to be a forum for religious debate. If you wish to debate religious topics, please post them on another forum intended for that type of discussion. At WAB, we seek to provide a forum for mature, rational debate.

If any member sees a post which violates these rules, please bring them to the attention of an administrator. I would also like to invite all members to review the forum rules (http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/showthread.php?t=2232) as to clear up any confusion regarding forum policies.

If you are unsure whether your topic or post is a violation of forum rules, please contact a moderator or administrator prior to posting.

Thank you,