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23 Sep 06,, 13:49
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Mathematics on way out of schools!

New Delhi: Days after it first proposed making Mathematics and English optional subjects for minority and ST/SC students in schools, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is now out to kick 'Maths' out of the 'main course' in secondary level.

Or this is precisely what the board has now proposed to the Union HRD Ministry. During a meeting with Union HRD Ministry officials earlier this week, CBSE chief Ashok Ganguly proposed a 'flexible' policy that would allow a "best of five" subjects system -- just like the Class 12 level -- for the secondary-level Board aggregate. What is interesting is that Ganguly/*DIE Ganguly, DIE!*/ proposed to put 'Maths' outside the purview of core subjects under this scheme.

"The idea is not diversification of Maths. It's about flexibility. Maths is an important subject. But keeping in mind various interest groups and their apptitudes, we realise that Maths makes some students uncomfortable," Ganguly told a Delhi newspaper.

Now, students who are weak in Maths will be able to make it their sixth subject and pick some other subject like computer sciences, music or dance instead /*I am surprised basket weaving is not included*/. "I hope the 'best of five' proposal will come through within a month or so," the CBSE chief told The Indian Express.

The CBSE is also working on a plan to increase the number of re-examination for a failed student. The board is considering the raise the number of chance to appear for a compartmental examination at the Class X level, specifically in subjects like Maths.

In yet another proposal, the board is considering split the Maths subject into two levels -- one consisting of Pure Mathematics and the second comprising Mathematics with isolated studies like trigonometry etc.

Last year, the Board had directed all schools to set up Maths laboratories for students from Class III onwards in order to help the students comprehend various concepts of mathematics well.

The Board had also told the schools to tell their mathematics teachers to develop their own teaching aids with simple material using charts, thermocol or even wooden boards. He said commonly used objects of different shapes could even be collected in the laboratory and the students asked to measure their surface area or volume.

The CBSE is also in the process of revising the curriculum of different classes. Board sources say at least 10 per cent of "obsolete syllabus of each class" are likely to be deleted and replaced with more relevant material on those subjects.

23 Sep 06,, 17:04
our looser government at work again...