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09 Feb 04,, 03:13
Hey Guys, I didn't know what forum I should put this in, so if it needs to be moved, I apologize.

But Wednesday thru Friday I will be gone to South Carolina to watch my brother graduate (USMC). I figure if anyone would like pictures of the Island, I'd post them when I get back. Hopefully I can get some good ones... It is, after all, the best vacationing spot in the world...

09 Feb 04,, 03:15
What is "The Island"?

09 Feb 04,, 03:16
Parris Island. Birthplace of US Marines.

09 Feb 04,, 19:21
Look forward to em.

09 Feb 04,, 23:59
Yeah, that would be cool. Post 'em.

10 Feb 04,, 00:54
Sounds fun, about 3 kids from my school have brothers that graduated from PI last week.