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06 Feb 04,, 02:52
Have you guys discussed at all the issue of the Black Beret being issued to all members of the US Army and not just the Rangers?

Officer of Engineers
06 Feb 04,, 03:33
A nonsensical and overblown issue. It's the dress code, live with it. There were and are far more important issues.

06 Feb 04,, 03:51
I remember the outrage about them being made in China :)

Officer of Engineers
06 Feb 04,, 05:06
Right after the EP-3 Incident. The USArmy pay for them and put them in storage, perhaps to give away to a foreign force.

06 Feb 04,, 05:32
You kidding me?? They wasted 15 million dollars just because China made them?!

No wonder why even with 400 billion dollars, US military machine is aging and needs new replacements and new weapons to retain the edge.

If I had 1/4th of the US defense budget, I would turn the InA into the meanest and mightiest military machine who will steamroll over anything in its paths anywhere in the world at any time.

Officer of Engineers
06 Feb 04,, 06:04
No you won't because someone, somewhere, will screw you out of that money. There are times when life is just easier if you just pay for it and dump it instead of trying to correct it. Yes, it's a $400bil budget, would you squable over $15mil? Especially when you're under the gun trying to rush through a Stryker contract?

I've had my budget slashed because DLES thinks its got a better way. The now infamous mine-detector is right up there. At a cost of $5mil each (dogs are $30K each) and advertised to find every type of mine on earth.

First deployment. It found a mine all right, right after it ran over it and detonated it. SPCA said it was better that than a dog. My response was, it's a friggin dog, who cares?

$5mil machine that doesn't work vs a $30K dog that does.

06 Feb 04,, 07:05
Don't let your wife or the PETA hear you say that. There'd be hell to pay!:devil2

06 Feb 04,, 08:47
I think the berets are stupid.

The soft cap was a lot more practical, and had warm fold down ear flaps. :)

The soft cap was also great for those long night patrols.

06 Feb 04,, 16:36
Originally posted by M21Sniper
I think the berets are stupid.

The soft cap was a lot more practical, and had warm fold down ear flaps. :)

The soft cap was also great for those long night patrols.

Aren't the Beret's only used in a formal sense? Never seen any being worn in Iraq or Afghanistan.

One beret debacle I'm concerned with. being my older brother somehow earning a maroon beret (Rangers) without any insignia.

And I'd like to earn a set of Delta Force Challenge coins. Maybe a few other things.

That being I'd be willing to put myself through some SERE training...or a resonable imitation. As long as I get to be an unofficial member of whatever unit(s) hunt me down, and whoever plays the bearded guy with a Russian accent that will undoubtedly punch me in the stomach to make me more cooperative. Provided I pass.

06 Feb 04,, 20:44
Maroon is paratroopers.

06 Feb 04,, 21:07
Thought Rangers wore maroon berets?

07 Feb 04,, 15:30
Rangers switched to a brownish color (forget wich one lol) after they lost their black berets

08 Feb 04,, 18:07
Rangers were black, SpecForces green, and paratroopers maroon.

They were the only organizations in the USA that were authorized to wear berets.

08 Feb 04,, 18:22
Now everybody wears berets?

08 Feb 04,, 18:38
Army regulars wear black berets. Like Snipe said, Rangers have the brownish, green berets wear...well, green. And Airborne wear maroon.

09 Feb 04,, 14:23
they're a bit of a pain in the ass... like snipe said I prefer the BDU cap.

I like berets about as much as I like the Army's new slogan "An Army of one"....

09 Feb 04,, 16:58
I prefer thier ufo hats over anything else. Wouldn't be caught dead wearing a blue beret with adidas logos all around it.

(Do however own a blue ufo hat w/ Adidas logos all around the band.) :)

09 Feb 04,, 18:20
Ranger berets used to be black, now everyone wears berets.

All i know is that they don't keep your ears warm, or your head dry. ;)