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29 Jan 04,, 22:32
Constantly pondering things to do in Israel. Anything good shooting/gun related?

Also looking to blow stuff up, Bullseye baby style. And not looking to sit inside an Israeli jail.

"Invading" a target range is a must. Sparring with an Israeli Soldier or two is also a possible endevour.

Big Ross...your next! :D

30 Jan 04,, 08:26
There are shooting ranges here, plus paintball arenas. As for blowing stuff up, not advisable...

30 Jan 04,, 17:15
Very well. Explosions would attract attention. And may be misconstrued as a prank call, so to speak.

31 Jan 04,, 02:34
And since the last country I visited was Lithuania I have one important question BR...how good is Israeli toilet paper?

31 Jan 04,, 12:55

31 Jan 04,, 16:44
The toilt paper here is amazing. Just don't use the napkins for anything other than wiping your hands. Blowing your nose with a napkin instead of a tissue is like two porcupines having sex: Fun and rewarding if you know what you're doing, but painful as all hell if you don't...

31 Jan 04,, 22:51
Can anyone tell me what gauge that IDF semi-auto shotgun is? Of course the weapons unique to Israel make top priority concerning target shooting.


31 Jan 04,, 23:00
That's a hybird pump-action/semi-automatic Franchi SPAS-15. It's 12 guage and made in Italy.

The stock and handle in that photo don't appear to be regular (Franchi made?) ones, those might be custom made parts.

01 Feb 04,, 16:50
Great it's a 12 gauge just like the Mossberg. :dbanana

01 Feb 04,, 16:56
Mossberg? I don't see one, at least not in the picture.

01 Feb 04,, 17:24
Didn't say a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun was in the picture. Just saying the Franchi Spas-15 is just as powerfull.