View Full Version : Governing Liberals lose seat to the NDP in west Toronto byelection

15 Sep 06,, 03:54
Governing Liberals lose seat to the NDP in west Toronto byelection

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14 Sep, 9:38 PM

TORONTO (CP) - The governing Liberals lost their seat in a west Toronto byelection Thursday as the NDP's Cheri DiNovo defeated Liberal candidate Sylvia Watson in the riding of Parkdale-High Park.

DiNovo was leading Watson by about 1,900 votes with 199 of 220 polls counted, allowing the NDP to win the seat vacated by former education minister Gerard Kennedy. Conservative candidate David Hutcheon, who was considered a long shot, was more than 5,000 votes behind DiNovo.

Although Kennedy won the riding by one of the widest margins in the province in 2003, the race was a hotly contested one and turned nasty in its final days.

The Liberals came under fire for running a smear campaign against DiNovo by using parts of her sermons as a United Church minister to say she likened Karla Homolka to Christ.

Observers say this byelection will help set the tone for the provincewide vote, set for next October.

If this really sets the trend for the next elections we are in for big trouble. This is the stuff of nightmares!

15 Sep 06,, 04:37
The Ontario election is not really a big deal, McGuinty and Tory are both centrists with little area of disagreement.