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13 Jan 04,, 02:10
Strykers arrive in Mosul; will relieve 101st
January 12, 2004

Associated Press

TACOMA, Wash. — The first large group of Fort Lewis, Wash.-based Stryker brigade soldiers has arrived in Mosul to replace the 101st Airborne Division.
A convoy of 112 vehicles and 347 passengers arrived in the northern Iraq city on Saturday after a 250-mile journey from Camp Pacesetter, according to The News Tribune of Tacoma, which has a reporter embedded with the brigade.

The 25,000-member 101st, known as the Screaming Eagles, has been working in northern Iraq since April and is scheduled to return to Fort Campbell, Ky., over the next several weeks.

The Stryker brigade’s 5,000 soldiers will take over working with several thousand Iraqi police, civil defense corpsmen and new Iraqi army troops. A headquarters detachment on its way from Fort Lewis will take over command of coalition operations in northern Iraq.

There were no hostile acts toward any of the Stryker units during the trek to Mosul, though more than 12 attacks or attempted attacks have been carried out on other U.S. forces along the convoy’s route over the past 10 days.

The Stryker brigade, trained at Fort Lewis as a faster and more agile armored fighting force, features 300 Strykers, eight-wheeled vehicles that can carry as many as 11 soldiers and travel faster than 60 mph.