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12 Jan 04,, 11:32

13 Jan 04,, 00:09
Osama is a capitalist turncoat, if you know his background. But i did hear he was in Sweden again. He is said to have changed slightly from his time in the caves. He is now 5ft6, 36-24-36 and answers to the name of Enga.

He was also an Arsenal fan when in London. Well, lets be honest he was never going to be a Spurs fan* .

* a prize to anyone on the board who can guess why :)

13 Jan 04,, 04:28
He has something against Cowboys?

13 Jan 04,, 09:43
Hee hee .

Spurs, Tottenham Hotspur, North London rivals to Arsenal have a large Jewish following.

13 Jan 04,, 16:52
Well since you gave it away, what was the "prize"? :)

13 Jan 04,, 20:48
Hmm. I did say a prize didn't i?

How about a one time only joker? In the event of dispute on this board between yourself and me you play the Joker i have to admit you are right ? :)

13 Jan 04,, 20:49
What does it make a difference what the prize is? Nobody guessed the answer...