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11 Jan 04,, 06:00
Here was one of my conversation tonight... LOL Like I said, let them keep talking, and they will determine their outcome in 2004!

Pat: hello
Alex: well if it isnt' my favorite corporate ass kiss petty buergeuois oil-whore
Pat: Get back on the Paxil...
Alex: why do you own stock in Pfizer ?
Pat: You're such a bitchy looser...
Alex: yup and you're a real winner
Alex: socially privledged in denial ditto head
Pat: All your life problems are because of me...or Bush... or ANYONE but yourself.... typical liberal... can't take responsiblilty for your own pathetic life. Its my fault that you quit your job and have no medical instaurance now to get your Paxil?
Alex: spoiled brat
Alex: i have plent of paxil.
Alex: its bush's fault all the jobs are in india
Pat: Then go get a job
Alex: uhm, thanks for the low insult that any time I have a crritical opinion its because I havent taken the imperialist drug
Alex: which si wrong
Pat: And stop blaming the world for your pathetic life and its pathetic problems
Alex: no I paid my dues, I worked my way up dillegently and earnestly
Alex: and now my carreer is gone thanks to "free" trade and globalization
Alex: so, nope. never was lazy
Pat: So you should get everything for free now?
Alex: and I apply for at least 10 jobs a day
Alex: never got a damn thing for free
Pat: Your career is gone because you QUIT your job!
Alex: web development was
Alex: the finance crap was a temp thing
Alex: to make ends meat
Alex: meet
Pat: It payed the bills, didn't it?
Alex: I took it because all the jobs went to india
Alex: no not nearly all the bills
Alex: yeah you think its funny
Alex: fuck you you evil capitalist classist piece of shit
Alex: i cant wait till you go on welfare
Pat: I think its hilarious that I sent some work to India, now everything, every problem in your life revolves around that
Alex: no its true.. it just opened my eyes more thats all
Alex: 1 year ago I couldnt find web work either
Pat: Smoke some more and shut them again, you might make more sense
Alex: thats why I took that miserable sweat shop dead end mcjob that I was grosely overqualified for
Alex: and there are plently of people i know who were in the industry and who were even more qualified for web work than I am, and used to have bright carreres who are dirt poor now
Alex: people I used to look up to
Alex: i called em up
Pat: Whatever... its never your fault... you are a liberal, can't take responsibility for your own actions... blame the world... blame the businessman... its just never your fault
Alex: they are in the same boat as me..
Alex: thats a knee jerk republican myth
Alex: I worked my ass off all my life
Alex: came from the ghetto
Pat: If you are "TRYING" to be in the developement business, why don't you have a website up?
Alex: never took any welfare
Alex: never any unemployment
Alex: didnt get any subsidies for my education
Alex: asshole, I do have quite an extensive portfolio online
Alex: and I applu for zillions of jobs on a daily
Pat: Its not open for the public to see...
Alex: i have non-disclosure agreements with some of my clients
Pat: You don't send it out to search engines...
Alex: I cant show it to the public
Pat: OK, whatever
Alex: no its true
Alex: I was sent a cease and disist twice
Alex: by two different clients
Alex: in the passed when it was public
Pat: George W Bush make you sign those, so he could hold you back?
Alex: uhn, no i didnt say that
Alex: dont put words in my mouth
Pat: But you would, if I didn't..
Pat: LOL
Alex: you think you have it all figgured out
Alex: and you dont
Alex: you just take a fucking prejudice white trash knee-jerk myth for an opinionm
Pat: OK... so now I am a racist or something?
Pat: Dudke... you crack me up....
Alex: your president is a babbling fool from a family of nazis and crininals
Pat: I am going to Blog this chat
Alex: hes a thief, a WAR MONGER
Alex: and the first president since befor FDR to ever lead an economy that LOST jobs
Pat: Oh no!!! Now your Bush panties are getting in a bunch!
Pat: This is some great material
Pat: Keep ranting
Alex: when you are on the side of the mafia as you are, it's so easy to make little meaningless cutting comments just to piss off us poor people, because you are in a position of power, however illegetimate it may be
Alex: you dont have to argue the facts
Alex: you just get to sling mud from the winning side
Pat: Listen.... to you hear violins?
Alex: even if you are not legit
Alex: yeah that is cruel. you are cruel as hell
Pat: I AM?
Alex: yup
Alex: republican facsist pig shit
Pat: You insult me everytime I say hello... should I just sit back and take it, or finally start mocking you and your crap?
Alex: go to hell
*** "Alex" signed off at Sat Jan 10 23:56:03 2004.
Pat: This is some GREAT shit!
*** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

11 Jan 04,, 06:06
Good job Phark. That Liberal ran with his tail between his legs. :dbanana

11 Jan 04,, 06:07
Hmm, no wonder he can't get hired, sick spelling and grammar.
If I was hiring people and someone sent me an application written like the way he wrote in that, it would go straight to the trash.

11 Jan 04,, 06:15
My spelling was getting bad in there... although, not as bad as his. :TY! When you get on a roll, you have to type quick and not worry about the mistakes.

He did run pretty quick, though. :taynk

Here is a little background on the story...

I have a web hosting business... about a month ago, we merged with another company. The other company had designers on salary in India already. So I tell Alex that I need a site redesigned and he told me that he would do it for $360. I ran that by the new partner and he said don't do it... we have these people on staff already in India....

I relayed this message and he has never stopped bringing up how India has stolen all the jobs in the USA.

Hmm... he's never mentioned that CLINTON signed NAFTA, though... :LOL

11 Jan 04,, 06:16
Just tell him free trade has its advantages, like it means cheaper web hosting for him. =)

11 Jan 04,, 06:23
He doesn't host through me....
He wouldn't host through me because I am a racist, capitalist pig... or something like that. :w00t LOL

Aren't they fun to watch and listen to what they say those things? Like I said... the Democrats seal their own fate all the time because:

1. They can't think on their own.
2. They can blame the worlds problems on someone else, yet they can not take responsibility for themselves.
3. They shout off at the mouth before they give thought to what they are saying and how ridiculous it is going to sound coming out.
4. ??

This list could go on and on...


11 Jan 04,, 14:47
Maybe he's the racist? What does he have against Indians? :)

11 Jan 04,, 15:17
A lot of people forget that capitalism is what gave them the job in the first place. Moving that capital may mean those people losing the job. Que Sera Sera.

But there is another aspect to these things. Someone with current skills (i.e. not wooden ship building but IT web development) can't get a job in a modern society.

I hope you don't have to face this problem, but i expect that if your merged partner decides to offshore your role you will take it much better than this chap.

People in the information revolution are now going through the same pains as those in plastic, electronics etc as manufacturing moved to cheaper locations. But it doesn't help you if you need to retrain and you can't afford it.

And remember, middle managers are only useful while they have staff to manage so that lot can expect the chop next whilst the remaining few learn to be account managers with a Hindi phrase book.

12 Jan 04,, 23:30
First of all let me say this. I am neither a republican nor a democrat. I weigh issues based on facts and I like the repulicans or conservatives for this one thing, that they believe in sucess through hard work. I am of Indian origin and I worked my way up the ladder through hard work and determination. Its easy to make someone rich by giving wealth, but you cant sustain that until you are ready to work hard.

Secondly, coming to India, Capitalism is a concept found by the west. Now India adapted those principles and is taking her share of business. Whats wrong in it. America is losing jobs not because India is taking them away, but because americans are shying away from math and science.

Tonly blair in his speech a few days back told the british, if you want to counter India, get back to schools.

What is in store for americans or the british?

People in the west complain of job losses. They dont see what a prosperous India can offer for them in return.

Currently 300 Million middle class people who are willing to spend and the numbers are growing daily. Mobile Phone connections are expected to increase to 500Million by 2007 as per Gartner research and booming economy will let american, british, french, german, israeli companies to get a share of the market to sell their goods. Its growth for global corporations and millions of jobs that would be generated.

Have you asked what is Citibank's growth in India????? Ask them they will tell you. And stop complaining about job losses.

13 Jan 04,, 00:55
I am not disputing India's credentials in many areas. Software deveopment has been outsourced to India for over a decade. Service industries are taking advantage of the Indian market. Lets be honest, it is quite possible to walk around an Indian CALL CENTRE and not be able to move for graduates and phds.

The practical reality, however, is cost. Britain has 60m people, the US 300m. These two countries can fill their own call centres and support their won IT jobs. Poeple with phds are vastly over qualified to work in call centres.

However both the US and UK are high cost. Developed countries have higher regulation and ancilliary costs for workers. The same economics that make manufacturing in the Philippines cheaper than the US make software development cheaper in India. This is by an order of magnitude. The economies of the west have daily costs greater than the weekly or even monthly costs of their equivilants in the developing nations.

The irony is, of course, that some of the recent policies of the developed world will actually exacerbate the gulf between developed and developing countries manppower costs and, tehrefore, exacerbate the transfer of business to the developing world.

But, as we know, the market is concerned only with next quarter's forcast, and so it doesn't care about good economics.

13 Jan 04,, 01:24
Lets be honest, it is quite possible to walk around an Indian CALL CENTRE and not be able to move for graduates and phds.

This is not true. A graduate in India means Bachelor's, and Graduate as you call them in US we call them "Post Graduates". A small terminology difference. However coming to your point. Most of the people working are under-graduates. That is correct. I dont think PHD's talk in call centers. That must be one in 100,000. If you are a PHD and you end up in a call center you are loser. Thats how I look at it. And you are right. Its about costs.

Thats what global economy is about!

13 Jan 04,, 21:23
Originally posted by Confed999
Maybe he's the racist? What does he have against Indians? :)
Like Hillary Clinton? I cant belive shes my senator ....