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07 Jan 04,, 10:43
i am not sure if this goes in this subject but it is to do with the USAF in britain from the 1980's i heard a rumor from word of mouth that in the 1980's a group of UFO'S arrived at a base in England where you were keeping Nukes (even though it was against our treaty) and several of the witnesses were airforce personel. aparently when they got back with pictures notes etc they were told to keep it quite and brainwashed by a group called DS8 or something like that and it has only just come out now i would like to know if this is true or not. :D :D :sniper

07 Jan 04,, 14:26
Yeah, how exactly would we confirm or deny this though?

07 Jan 04,, 15:08
RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbrige....

Yeah, there were thousands of witnesses to the "UFO's".

08 Jan 04,, 10:06
yeah they are the bases and Bigross thats how you can confirm or deny it.

:D :D :sniper :taynk

13 Jan 04,, 13:16
No, the only think that happened was that someone added a detail to your story. Confirmed that the rumor existed. No-one confirmed or denied that the story was actually true.

13 Jan 04,, 21:21
Come on guys, does anybody here really think that UFO's exist?

14 Jan 04,, 03:20
Why not? Stranger things exist....like Micheal Jacksons incredible colapsing face! I doubt we are alone in the universe,...weather or not we have been visited I'm not sure.
I can resonably say I saw an unusual light in the sky and I've seen plenty of aircraft at night. I live in vancouver Canada and the cloud cover gets preaty low. I live right near a high U.F.O. sighting area in Canada. I recently saw a light that looked like a satilite but moved much to quickly accross the sky and it seemed lower, then it disappeared but not into clouds..it was a clear night. The term U.F.O. means Un-Identified Flying Object,..and I'd say that qualified as one. Wether it was an extraterestrial spacecraft I couldn't tell you., but I couldn't explain its flight speed and the way it disappeared.
I've always thought that its a possibility that we could have been visited by aliens, can anyone explain the Pyramids or the strange ground carvings resembling animals and people that can only be seen from the sky in South America? There could always be a plausable explaination but why is it with todays mathmatics, technology and Historical knowledge that we can't explain some of the worlds man made objects?:nuke