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06 Jan 04,, 20:53
The Brahmos is a supersonic anti-ship missile developed jointly by India and Russia. The two institutions that form the backbone of the BrahMos company are the DRDO and the Scientific Research Institute of Machine Building, Moscow (NPO-M). Though Brahmos is primarily an anti-ship missile, it has the capabilities of being launched from multiple platforms on land, sea, sub-sea and air. It has a warhead of 200-300 kilograms but sources say it will later be capable of a nuclear warhead fitting. The maximum range of Brahmos is 300km with a speed of 2.5-2.8M and a cruise altitude of 14km. The Brahmos missile has been flight tested successfully on June 12, 2001 and April 28, 2002. The missile can be launched either in the vertical or inclined position and over 360 degrees.

This joint effort has produced what is touted to be the world's best anti-ship missile. ``The combination of a long-range of fire, high-speed, low radar detection, advanced jamming protection and a high-explosive warhead makes BrahMos by far the deadliest anti-ship missile in the world. the Russian-Indian joint venture BrahMos expects to begin full-scale production of supersonic cruise missiles by the end of 2003. The missiles will be produced for export customers and the Russian and Indian navies.

Here is a list of most of the worlds cruise missiles.


06 Jan 04,, 21:11
I've never seen it go Mach 2.8, it's lieing. Don't be aragont!:00 :roll

07 Jan 04,, 19:27
Not being arrogant. But it does.

Here is the link. Its a modified version of PJ-10 (Yakhont), russian missile that is already known to fly at Mach-2.5. The modified version of this is called Brahmos and the software and guidance system is Indian and the propulsion system is russian.

For Yakhont

For Brahmos

07 Jan 04,, 20:50
I thought Brahmos was supposed to hit Mach 3?

13 Jan 04,, 20:49
Yes, Brahmos hits Mach-3. Its a further development of Yakhont. The specs above was for yakhont, for those who thought it did not fly that fast