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09 Sep 06,, 15:27
Waste separation is a good way to deal with waste and garbage, it can reduce the volume, and at the same time provide large amounts of organic fertilizer to farmers. It facilitates the recovery of renewable resources, minimizes waste pollution in the environment, and can create jobs for collecting waste.

Waste separation methods have generally been adopted in the Western countries, but it is difficult to find waste separation anywhere in China, even waste separation isn't seen in the capitol Beijing and the biggest city Shanghai. The great majority of Chinese people don't know about waste separation; they don't understand the words waste separation. They mix wastes such as kitchen wastes (organic waste) with plastic bags, paper, glass and batteries. The city cleaners transfer the mixed wastes to the suburbs of city and bury them.

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I like green.like science.like internet.like to live in a small house around plants trees.oppose high consumption.

10 Sep 06,, 02:04
It wasn't popular in the west either until someone figured out how to profit from it. It took a bunch of evil capitalist to figure out how to implement a treehugger vision. China needs more evil capitalists. Waste seperation will be viable as soon as it becomes profitable.

19 Sep 06,, 13:10
It also help in producing biogas.Its been used largely in rural India for decades but at a very small scale. Government will be implementing it in many cities in the next couple of years. It also help in waste management.:)