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06 Sep 06,, 21:13
The NDP riding association of Nanaimo-Cowichan (BC) is pushing resolution 1 B4 on international security, to be debated at the up-coming NDP policy convention in Quebec City.

* The resolution suggests that Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan are “acting like terrorists, destroying communities, killing and maiming innocent people”.

*The resolution also criticizes NDP MP Peter Stoffer saying that his statements in support of Canadian soldiers “is not an acceptable position when world peace hangs in the balance.”

*The resolution calls for the withdrawal of “Canadian troops in Afghani areas of active combat”

Jack Layton has of yet not released any statement about the suggestion of labeling Canadian soldiers as Terrorists. Will he vote for this resolution? does he think that Canadian soldiers are terrorists? who knows, the man isnt giving any comment!

Now what the hell kind of political party is going to brand its own soldiers terrorists? these men and woman fight for there right to even have freedom of speech, then they turn around and want to brand them terrorists? And ontop of that, none knows whether the leader of that party agrees or disagrees with that sentiment!!

The NDP is on the verge of imploding here folks.

The veil has slipped, those who couldnt see before, can now see them for what they truely are..a bunch of cracker jack commie psychotic lunatics.

I have been listening to Lowell Green all morning at work, the amount of calls coming in from soldiers, ex-soldiers, ordinary people is astronomic..all of them are in shock and utterly disguested at this!

Two people from the NDP called in, and while they did not agree with the resolution, they were trying to justify there leaders desition not to comment!!

the Mayor of Pettawawa (CFB Petewawa is the home of the RCR who is in afghanistan right now) called in, and was in total shock and total disgust..and rightfully so!

and yet still....nothing from Jack Layton.

06 Sep 06,, 21:23
I saw this once in the Ottawa Citizen.. It made me laugh, i should have cut it out. But here ill paste two pictures so you can notice the similarities

Between Jack Layton And Vladimir Lenin.

06 Sep 06,, 21:36
Is it a reaction for four Canadian soldier killed?

07 Sep 06,, 00:21
Is it a reaction for four Canadian soldier killed?

No, it's standard leftist half-wit idiocy. Can't expect grown-up behavior from the likes of that trash.

07 Sep 06,, 00:26
The left fumes at the mere suggestion that anyone questions their patriotism, yet they are free to call our soldiers terrorists. Is there any justice in this world? :mad:

07 Sep 06,, 00:38
The left fumes at the mere suggestion that anyone questions their patriotism, yet they are free to call our soldiers terrorists. Is there any justice in this world? :mad:


07 Sep 06,, 00:50
There's some good in the Canadian left. Ignatiev for instance

07 Sep 06,, 05:28
Is it a reaction for four Canadian soldier killed?

for the past 50 years Canada has not been in any "war". But instead peacekeeping, this as seen whole generations raised with the idea that our military is purely peacekeepers. This has created a society of pacifists. Now that our military is involved in a war, people in canada are not sure how to react. Politicians on the left are saying that this is against Canadian values and our traditional role as peackeepers.

During the peackeeping missions we lost many soldiers, but there was NEVER the coverage that there is now. Now when a soldier dies it is a huge event, with every paper and news outlet covering it, and the debate about afghanistan flares up.

The general public is ignorant towards what afghanistan is really about. 13 years of Liberal rule has polluted the minds of the average canadian layman with anti-americanisms. So the general public sees this war as nothing but an occupation lead by Bush, and we are merely acting as obediant lap-dogs.

Afghanistan is testing the will of this country. Will we become a nation of cowards? and pull out, or will we stand the test and persevere?

I think that the history books will right down that Afghanistan was a turning point in Canadian history...I can only hope that Harpers minority government doesnt fall right now. Because if it does, the Left in this country will break our NATO promise and commitment, turn our backs on, and further alienate our allies. Showing the world that we are not to be trusted, as a country of cowards.

07 Sep 06,, 21:52
No matter what it is, it is good that the Canadian Army is getting some good training fighting barbarians.