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04 Sep 06,, 12:59
Today I have read a superb article titled “Techniques that Japan gifted to the world” at merinews. An author unveiled the secrets of Japan’s success very nicely. According to this article “Japan’s innovative manufacturing and business techniques, if followed, can revolutionise work culture across the globe.”

Japan follows some techniques to rise, first of them is Kaizen, which in Japanese means ‘change for the better’ or ‘to take it apart and put back together in a better way’. Kaizen helps in improving productivity by focusing on the incremental improvements achieved through small changes in day-to-day activities, instead of big-bang improvements usually characterised by significant investments in new technologies and systems.

Another proven management philosophy practised in Japan and followed by some Western organisations is the Five S’s. It is a technique used to establish and maintain quality environment in an organisation.

‘Five S’ has five elements:
Seiri (sorting out useful and frequently used materials and tools from unwanted and rarely used things);
Seiton (keeping things in the right place systematically so that searching or movement time is minimised);
Seiso (keeping everything around you clean and in a neat manner);
Seiketsu (standardising the above principles in everyday life); and
Shitsuke (inculcating good habits and practising them continuously).

It is an extremely informative article. Indians should also follow these techniques to grow.
>> Article’s Link (http://www.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=123402&catID=8&category=Business&rtFlg=rtFlg)