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03 Sep 06,, 20:58
http://news.sympatico.msn.ctv.ca/TopStories/ContentPosting.aspx?newsitemid=CTVNews%2f20060902% 2fnato_casualties_060903&feedname=CTV-TOPSTORIES_V2&showbyline=True

Four Canadian soldiers were killed and several others were wounded during a major NATO offensive in the volatile district of southern Afghanistan on Sunday.

"I am saddened to announce that four Canadian soldiers were killed during today's operations and a number of others were wounded" in the Panjwayi district, west of Kandahar, said Canadian Brig.-Gen. David Fraser at a news conference.

"All but one of the wounded is expected to return to their duties within the next few days."

Fraser offered his condolences to the families of the victims, whose identities have not been released.

He did not specify the number that were injured, but CTV's Matt McClure said there were reports that up to nine soldiers were wounded.

Injuries to two of the soldiers, however, were reportedly light enough for them to stay on in the combat area.

An official with NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said the soldiers died when they were hit by enemy fire in fighting in Panjwaii district, west of the city of Kandahar.

"These soldiers would have either been from CFB Petawawa, part of the Royal Canadian Regiment, or from Shilo, Manitoba, as part of the second battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry," said McClure in Kandahar.

Fraser added that despite the deaths, the operation is a success.

According to ISAF, "more than 200 Taliban fighters have been killed since the beginning of operation Medusa early Saturday morning" in the Panjwayi district, said Fraser.

Further, he said more than 80 suspected Taliban fighters have been captured by the Afghan national police, and "an additional 180 insurgents were seen fleeing the district."

The major air and ground offensive -- dubbed Operation Medusa -- includes Canadian, British and American troops fighting alongside Afghan forces in Kandahar province.

The goal is to take control of the Taliban stronghold of Panjwayi, which covers an area roughly between 20 and 40 kilometres west of Kandahar city -- an area where Canadian troops have suffered casualties before, during heavy battles with Taliban insurgents.

"Despite these losses, Operation Medusa will continue,'' Fraser said. "ISAF is determined to remove the Taliban threat from this region."

Col. Fred Lewis, commander of the Canadian contingent, said he expected his troops to encounter fierce resistance from Taliban guerrillas during this mission.

"I think we're talking in the neighbourhood of hundreds" of fighters, said Lewis on Saturday. "Certainly not thousands, not tens. Might they just fade away? If they're smart, they will."

NATO said there were no reports of civilian casualties, despite the heavy bombardment in the area. However, Afghan defence officials said earlier that an uncertain number of civilians are dead after two days of fighting in the region.

A NATO statement said forces had gained ground during the operation, which was continuing Sunday.

McClure, the only reporter embedded with Canadian troops during the mission on Saturday, said commanders appeared confident during the heavy offensive.

"In the back of their minds, though, I think they knew that this was not going to be easy," said McClure.

The Taliban fighters "were well dug in, in their defensive positions in those vineyards, in the mud wall compounds and the verdant valley -- one of the rare bits of greenery you find here in Afghanistan -- and that it might come to tough house-to-house fighting, which Canadians have been trained to handle but haven't seen a lot of up until this recent tour."

He added: "As one soldier we're told said on the ground this morning shortly after the incident: 'We had our nose bloodied today."

The Canadian casualties come one day after NATO suffered heavy losses. Fourteen British soldiers were killed Saturday after a Royal Air Force Nimrod MR2 aircraft crashed about 15 kilometres west of Kandahar city.

Officials say the crash was caused by a technical problem, although the Taliban claimed its fighters shot down the plane with a Stinger missile.

The British Defence Ministry said the dead included 12 Royal Air Force personnel, a Royal Marine and an army soldier.

03 Sep 06,, 21:33
The Canadians are hopping mad against Pakistanis.

They want Canadian troops to be deployed inside Pakistan and along the border of Afghanistan! :eek:

It will be the turn of the Pakistanis to be hopping mad at Canadians.

03 Sep 06,, 21:58
The Canadian Minister of Defense was in Pakistan on Friday discussing issues with the head of the ISI. He was supposed to be meeting other officials. Unfortunately, according to a news report I read, Mush would not be meeting with him as he was reportedly out of the country. The report went on to say that Mush was actually in the country but avoiding the Canadians. The report went on to say that the only bargaining chip that Canada may have to offer would be nuclear assistance. This whole scenario is getting crazy.

Starts with Pakistan on the brink of bankruptcy, come 9/11 Pak becomes the "Strongest Ally on WOT", when infact the institution on Terror originates from there. Well me continue.. Pak get loans written off, further loans and military equipment to fight terror, all is good for a while, then Americans get mad at the increasing taliban attacks on personnel and pressure Pakistan especially on Bin Ladin, well guess what Mush finds someone of interest enough to satisfy the US. He gets some more loans and military equipment. All's well, terror attacks continue, now in UK, Pak helps out all are happy, Bombings in Mumbai, India crys fowl, US says shut and prove it.. Pak finds Rauf and says it got a breakthrough and informs UK, which leads to more arrests... The jist is, Pak know a lot and uses the information when it needs to get out of a tight spot. Canada might just get desperate enough to pay whatever is required to curb the taliban. I certainly hope not. Mush is very good at these games, I just don't understand why no one has noticed and taken action. He seems to be leading everyone around the bush, get what he needs and uses it to consolidate his power. At times I find his strategy very admirable, but the question remains how long can he fool people?

Officer of Engineers
03 Sep 06,, 22:00
The Taliban knew when and where we were coming. The bad news is that most got away. The good news is that they can't stand and fight.

NATO warns Afghans to flee district

By LES PERREAUX The Canadian Press

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Canadian and NATO forces are marshalling for a major battle to retake a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan that has become a painful thorn in the side of Canadian troops.

NATO commanders cast a dire warning to Afghan civilians Thursday to flee the Panjwaii district near Kandahar where Canadians troops have fought — and several have died — to repeatedly retake the same dusty villages and scrubby grape farms.

Col. Steve Williams, the NATO deputy commander in southern Afghanistan, promised this attempt will have long-term results.

"This is going to be different because we’re going to stay," said Williams, the plain-talking leader of 2,500 U.S. troops based with NATO forces in Kandahar.

"Part of the problem in the past is forces would go in, engage the Taliban and then leave. We’ve realized you have to leave forces in the area to keep the Taliban from coming back. So that is our plan."

The precise timing of the operation remains secret, Williams said.

The bulk of recent Canadian casualties have taken place in the area 30 kilometres west of Kandahar, where Canadian commanders have trumpeted several victories and boldly predicted rapid reconstruction.

Instead, much of the area keeps falling back into Taliban hands. Terrorized local civilians have fled to the nearby city, and rebuilding has ground to a standstill.

One Afghan leader from the area said NATO is in for a tough fight that won’t end once troops move in. He said the alliance should attempt some form of reconciliation with local militants.

Haji Agha Lalai, the chief Panjwaii district elder who was chased out of his village by Taliban, said the insurgents have infiltrated every aspect of life there.

"They own shops, they own homes there, they will not retreat," Lalai predicted. "There are many types of Taliban, but these are the warriors. They have been told to fight and they will fight."

"If it is followed by a reconciliation program, it would be better," said Lalai, who is also a provincial councillor and a regional director of Afghanistan’s reconciliation program.

Williams said the time for reconciliation is over.

"I can tell you right now that the only talking we’re doing to the Taliban is, if they want to die, stay. . . . If they don’t want to die, give up," said Williams. "That’s about all the talking we’re doing."

As the troops prepared for battle, a call came from the New Democrats in Ottawa for their withdrawal.

NDP Leader Jack Layton said the troops should be pulled out of Afghanistan by February because the mission "lacks a comprehensive rebuilding plan and commensurate development assistance."

Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay brushed off Layton’s idea, saying Parliament has voted to extend the mission to 2009.

In Kandahar, Williams promised that a major reconstruction push would follow behind combat troops to quickly restore local commerce and infrastructure.

He also promised beans, rice, blankets and other humanitarian aid would accompany the offensive to help refugees who flee from the region.

Williams said NATO troops are waiting for the best time to attack Taliban forces and cause the least possible disruption to farmers remaining in the area.

"We’ve learned from elders in the area and district leaders what we need to do so the Taliban doesn’t come back," Williams said.

Officer of Engineers
03 Sep 06,, 22:05
The Canadians are hopping mad against Pakistanis.

Sir, it's an openned secret in the CF that much of the Taliban activity can be traced back to inside Pakistan. Let's just say Rx is not rare amongst the suicide bombers.

They want Canadian troops to be deployed inside Pakistan and along the border of Afghanistan! :eek:

Sir, just talking sh!t in my opinion. That kind of deployment would require a drastic increase in troops that we're not prepared to send. I doubt we will even get a liason officer within Pakistan.

03 Sep 06,, 22:15

There won't be any Canadian deployment in Pakistan, report has been denied by Canadian Official already. :)


04 Sep 06,, 15:07
Taliban's messing with wrong guys, they are gonna get it, fcuking b@$t@rd$! :mad:

04 Sep 06,, 18:44
With over 200 killed, 80 captured and 150 running for the hills I'd say we are @s$ raping them. It remains to be seen if its having any effect on their cause though.

Reguardless it still hurts when we lose 4 (now 5 with a strafing incident) troops.

05 Sep 06,, 07:20
Sir, it's an openned secret in the CF that much of the Taliban activity can be traced back to inside Pakistan. Let's just say Rx is not rare amongst the suicide bombers.


Being privy to the "open secret" of Taliban activity being traced back to Pakistan is not restricted to personnel of the Canadian military.

The personnel of the Dutch and British militaries believe the same thing :


As indeed is the case with personnel of the Afghan Military :


As indeed is the case with personnel of the US Military :



The only ones who seem not to be privy to the "open secret" appear to be the politician's ;) .