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03 Sep 06,, 19:41
Daily Times

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Musharraf makes it into top ten dictators list

LONDON: Dubbed as a shrewd and skilful manipulator by his political opponents, President General Pervez Musharraf has achieved the dubious distinction of being ranked one of the world’s top 10 dictators. Kim Jong-il of North Korea, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Equatorial Guinea’s alleged cannibalistic ruler Teodoro Obiang Nguema also figure in the dictator’s list compiled by the British weekly magazine New Statesman and featured in its current issue. “Our top 10 is a selection of men - there are currently no women dictators - who combine a high level of personal power with repressive practices, ranging from press censorship to fixing elections and, in the case of Equatorial Guinea’s Teodor Obiang Nguema, allegedly cannibalising political opponents,” the report says. According to the magazine, the top five most repressive dictators (for freedom of speech) are: Kim Jong-il (North Korea); Isaias Afewerki (Eritrea); Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenistan); Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (Iran); and Senior General Than Shwe (Myanmar). Fidel Castro of Cuba figures in the list along with Hu Jintao of China as the most corrupt dictators.“There is plenty of kitsch excess - bouffant hairstyles, super-sized yachts and a fondness of khaki - and also plenty of suffering: despite a global fear of dictators running amok, the only people they tend to harm are their own,” the magazine notes. “Their misdemeanours, however, are often ignored. While North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, possibly the world’s cruellest autocrat, remains beyond the diplomatic pale, the west has long-standing marriages of convenience with undemocratic rulers such as Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia,” it says. daily times monitor

The world is waking up to the reality a wee too late.

However, he is a better dictator than most.

He has done things that are positive, all said and done.

04 Sep 06,, 17:06

Certainly a step up for an individual whose government was recently characterized by the New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2006/09/03/opinion/03sun2.html?_r=2&oref=login&oref=slogin) as :

....... a garden-variety military dictatorship.

04 Sep 06,, 17:14
You can accuse China of many things but calling Hu Jintao as a corrupt dictator is taking it a little too far. AFAIK his integrity is pretty tight or Jiang Zemin would have gotten rid of him at the first opportunity.......

04 Sep 06,, 18:05
I would like to congratulate Mr. Musharaf... atleast he made it into some top ten list... he should be proud... :biggrin:

05 Sep 06,, 16:51

You are 400 per cent correct :biggrin: .

Should make up for the personal disappointment of being down graded from 7 th place in 2005 (http://www.parade.com/articles/editions/2005/edition_02-13-2005/featured_0) to 17 th place in 2006 (http://www.parade.com/articles/editions/2006/edition_01-22-2006/Dictators_11_to_20) on Parades Dictator list ;) .

05 Sep 06,, 18:30
The Balochis feel that Tronic is a 1000% correct,