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03 Sep 06,, 07:04

Only those failing Class X will need emigration clearance
Jayanth JacobPosted online: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 0000 hrs Print Email

NEW DELHI, AUGUST 29 :Now, only those who haven’t cleared the Class X examination will be required to get emigration clearance. The change in law is expected to be in place in two months.

“The Ministry of External Affairs has decided that only those who have not cleared their Class X will be required to get an emigration clearance and it will be conveyed to the Emigration Department,” Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahamed told The Indian Express. Present rules say all applicants who do not have the Class XII qualification had to take an emigration clearance before being allowed to go abroad.

“It has also been decided that now onwards passports will not have the page which asks for emigration clearance. Instead, all those who don’t have a Class X qualification will have to get the emigration clearance,” Ahamed added.

“It has been decided that there would be a regional passport office at all state headquarters,” he said, adding that “simplification of the procedure to get passports was an initiative Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had taken a special interest in.”

:rolleyes: Why the discrimination? Is govt embarassed to send them out of the country? Many great people in history have done miserably in classroom setting.

05 Sep 06,, 19:28
People who fail Class X would ost prolly go as unskilled workers to Middle east and South East Asia. They get duped by greedy local contractors and suffer a lot. So it does make sense for the govt to impose this, coz in the end these people are going to suffer in a foreign land with out food shelter and money.