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01 Sep 06,, 17:05
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ĎAgencies bad, police good in Gilgití

By Ibrahim Shahid

Gilgit: The newly elected secretary general of the Import and Export Association of the Northern Areas (IEANA) has criticised the role of intelligence agencies in the Northern Areas, saying that they do not intend to restore peace in the region, but to make money. Referring to a recent sectarian crisis in which hundreds of people were killed, IEANA General Secretary Tariq Mir, a former district council member, said Special Branch and CID officials had failed to solve the mysterious killings and this showed their ineffectiveness and non-commitment to their job. "How can they have all the information about trade with China, but be completely ignorant about the murders in this area?" he questioned. He urged the federal government to take action regarding this situation. Mir appreciated the performance of the police and said that the inspector general of police (IG) had done good work to restore calm in the otherwise restive Northern Areas.

Balochis have been taken care of some extent and now it is time to take care of the Shias in the Northern Areas!

Great policy to make the "writ" ( as Musharraf puts it) run throughout Pakistan.

While the writ may get established, I hope there will at least be some people left alive in Pakistan on whom the writ is to run!