View Full Version : The year in review pros/cons

01 Jan 04,, 06:41
Good points this year.

Made a nice number of friends, allies, ect.

Tore through a lot of books.

Managed to make all my good deeds outnumber the bad ones.

Was awarded "Most improved student" in my school.

Got one entire class taught by yours truly, under my belt.

Really annoyed my brother, in that he found out I'm Muslim around Thanksgiving. And he was upset one of my Marine Corps pals told him, not I.


Trying to do business, good deeds over long distances. And far too many screw-ups happened w/ the mail, for merely being bad luck.

My Brother found out I was Muslim. Long rant about talking trash about certain friends. And saying I'm going to do this, not do that with my life. And even more ranting, flat out asked if I was part of a sleeper cell. Despite who knew/told him.

Got quite a few books that are either unattainable moneywise, or physically.

Didn't make as much progress in getting promoted to First Gup and further as I'd have liked to.

Made someone get so furstrated she started crying. First and only class I've taught thus far.