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29 Aug 06,, 20:19
Arbiter vs Masterchief who is better????

i pick arbiter

29 Aug 06,, 20:44
Arbiter can go invisible in Halo 2, whereas Masterchief only has a gay flashlight.

30 Aug 06,, 07:53
The Chief can pick up the active camo thingy though, dont forget that.

30 Aug 06,, 19:25
well so can the arbiter(should be able to). Plus without any powerups in sight. relying only on weapons and armor suit capabilities arbiter would mop the floor with him. I mean they're both player controlled characters so it's hard to say who's better. They're on the same skill level for sure. Arbiter gets better combat support.Instead of those gay ass humans you get elites and they can take alot of damage and dish it out as well.Plus they can actually take on brutes and win unlike the humans.Not to mention you get hunters for support at times and all elites can keep their camo on forever without having to recharge it unlike the arbiter.Just imagine gold and silver elites and stealth elites with hunters backing up the arbiter.Silver and gold elites take two sword lunges to kill and are very dangerous. I've tried to fight two at at time with MC (swords) and I can tell you i have died so many times against them.Just fighting one in a sword battle is tough enough.Stealth elites don't have strong shileds but they choose to keep their camo on all the time and it doesn't go off when firing or fired upon.

So arbiter>MC :biggrin:

01 Sep 06,, 16:22
well the arbiter head is harder to snipe, and they can jump higher. but the mastercheif has a stronger shield.

01 Sep 06,, 23:51
This picture sums up my thoughts nicely.


03 Sep 06,, 22:53
I voted for MC, but when I got to thinking about active camo I got second thoughts. I really can't decide. :confused: I can say that I hate, hate, hate, hate stickies. :mad: I think I played one game where I got stuck 10 times. It's just no fair. :frown:

06 Sep 06,, 20:58
well the arbiter head is harder to snipe, and they can jump higher. but the mastercheif has a stronger shield.
uh no its the same man i even tested it out! They're both player controlled characters the skill level is the same. The arbiter was a fleet comander and had stronger shields than masterchief! He had a gold armor suit which is stronger than MC's.You need two rockets just to kill him off or 4 sword swipes/2 lunges!!!

MC never faces tough threats in da game nothin more than a few elites or brutes that barely fight and don't pull the trigger all he way for fully automatic fire for their plasma rifles. All elites with the exception of the Arbiter can keep thier camo on forever except when firing or fired upon except the gray stealth elites!!!

The covenant wiped out all the Spartans at reach and MC is all that's left. Now if they really tried MC would've been dead long time ago!A few gold elites,2 hunters and stealth elites with swords in a dark room would equal dead MC

Heres some info on elites

The most common and least experienced Sangheili wear blue armour. Minors are still skilled warriors superior to any human marine, but they are somewhat weaker than Major Sangheili. , (all Sangheili ranked higher than a Minor are seen as physically superior in strength and speed to a SPARTAN supersoldier.) They often make tactical errors such as standing in one place while firing, or rushing forward into enemy fire. They also fire in shorter bursts, and have somewhat less accuracy. Along with Major Sangheili, they often lead squads of Grunts into battle.

As Elites can survive on Earth with no respiratory equipment, they apparently breathe oxygen. An Elite's body, muscles, and skeleton also seem to be composed of similar materials to those of the human body, though probably tougher and with a shorter recovery time. This can be especially seen in Halo 2, when the Arbiter receives a bullet wound in the chest and recovers fully within a short space of time. It is notable that Elites possess a physical strength on par with Spartan-II soldiers outfitted with MJOLNIR Mark V armor, indicating a capacity to lift upwards of a ton and possibly break concrete with a single blow.

Master Chief is not stronger and his sheilds aren't that strong.Its his tactics and fierce agressive use of weapons that makes him deadly.