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27 Aug 06,, 06:07
Man arrested for broadcasting Hezbollah TV
New Yorker charged with offering customers terrorist-operated station

Updated: 3:10 p.m. ET Aug 24, 2006

NEW YORK - U.S. authorities have arrested a New York man for locally broadcasting Hezbollah television al-Manar, which the U.S. Treasury Department has designated a terrorist entity.

Javed Iqbal, 42, was arrested Wednesday because his Brooklyn-based company HDTV Ltd. was providing New York-area customers with the Hezbollah-operated channel, federal prosecutors said in a statement Thursday.

The U.S. Treasury Department froze U.S. assets of al-Manar in March, saying it supported fund-raising and recruitment activities of Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim group backed by Syria and Iran that has been at war with Israel in southern Lebanon.

At that time al-Manar, which broadcasts Hezbollah news and propaganda, was designated a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity, making it a crime to conduct business with al-Manar, prosecutors said.

On July 12 the Israeli military destroyed its five-story Lebanese headquarters in air strikes but al-Manar quickly returned to the air, the station’s head of public relations said.

A fragile U.N.-brokered truce between Israel and Hezbollah came into effect on Aug. 14 after a month of fighting that killed more than 1,300 people, mostly Lebanese civilians.

Number of viewers unknown
In New York, federal officials did not say did not say how long Iqbal’s company had been providing satellite broadcasts of al-Manar or how many customers he had. A woman who answered the phone at his home had not immediate comment.

Iqbal has been charged with conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, the statement said. Federal authorities searched HDTV’s Brooklyn office and Iqbal’s Staten Island home, where Iqbal was suspected of maintaining satellite dishes, the statement said.

The Israeli military, which during the recent conflict launched daily air strikes on the southern suburb where al-Manar was based, said Hezbollah recruits through the channel.

Al-Manar devotes wide coverage to the Israeli-Hezbollah war, broadcasting exclusive footage shot by Hezbollah guerrillas fighting Israeli forces.

The European Union decided to take the channel off European satellites last year.
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Gun Grape
27 Aug 06,, 23:53
This is an example of how I think the GWOT is being run wrong.

If he was rebroadcasting KKK TV, there would be no problem. But since its muslums, then its a crime. What BS. Both want to overthrow the government and kill Americans.

One of the freedoms that was in the Constitution is freedom of speech. Not speech that you agree with or that follows your views. Just like the racist that get air time on public access TV I say lets broadcast HezB TV and A-Q in the US.

Once people see how stupid they are and what they believe in the quicker the people will get behind killing the vermin.

This is another example of the government "Protecting" us. Money spent on this, and strip searching grandmothers at the airport could be better spent getting HumInt sources in those terrorist groups.

27 Aug 06,, 23:54
I can't say i disagree with any of that.

Gun Grape
27 Aug 06,, 23:57
I can't say i disagree with any of that.
Which view?

27 Aug 06,, 23:58
Absolutely. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

28 Aug 06,, 00:01
Which view?
Any of it(in your last post). I agree with your entire statement.

Let the unwashed masses see the UTTER HATRED these stations preach...and maybe our people will finally get the god-damned picture.


The only thing i'd censure is the obvious OPSEC violations(like one of the announcers on TV standing in front of a diagram of a Merk and pointing out where specifically to aim, which just happened on Hez TV).

28 Aug 06,, 19:16
If he was rebroadcasting KKK TV, there would be no problem. But since its muslums, then its a crime.
Actually it's a crime, not because they are Muslims, but because they are an international terrorist organization. The idea is not to allow them to send messages to the general public, forcing them to use the phone or internet, where, until recently, the call could be listened in on and the parties involved could be identified. The KKK's terrorist factions were pretty much wiped out, due to infiltration and wire taps, decades ago. I haven't heard about the KKK taking responsibility for any planes hitting buildings, or bombs in subways, or blown up babies, or full scale wars, recently. ;)

28 Aug 06,, 19:17
Erm, we can listen in much easier if they're broadcasting on public airwaves bro...

28 Aug 06,, 19:23
Erm, we can listen in much easier if they're broadcasting on public airwaves bro...
Who is recieving it? And the governemt already have satelite recievers, the intel guys can listen all they want now, with no rebroadcast. ;)