View Full Version : Harper to make softwood legislation into a confidence measure in Parliament

23 Aug 06,, 00:58
"Harper said his government will bring in legislation next month when Parliament reconvenes, and said the softwood legislation would be a confidence measure meaning that should the bill be defeated, the minority government could fall."

article here (http://www.cbc.ca/story/money/national/2006/08/22/softwood-harper.html)

Im not sure i agree with Harpers desicion to make this into a vote of Confidence. The Liberals and NDP are saying that this Softwood lumber deal is a sellout to the Americans. And while i partly agree (America will still tax our lumber and can raise it if price of lumber changes, plus America will only have to pay 4billion of the 5billion they got from taxing Canadian softwood since 2002.)But I am glad that the issue is finally over, and we can work on building our relationship, and re-build the devastated forestry industry in B.C.

I am glad that Harper was the bigger man, and bit the bullet a little to settle the issue and move on, before both Canadian and American sides were not giving into each other, and the issue was getting blown out of proporsion. However, my nationalistic pride leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth, because once again it shows that America can just push us around, knowing that Canada will eventually give in.

I am afraid that if the opposition brings down the government, then Canada's reputation in the world will be harmed drastically, and we will surpass America as an isolationist.
They would pull out the troops from Afghanistan, breaking our commitment and word to NATO and the afghan government. And they would reverse this softwood deal, and open up this old wound.

I think that if the opposition doesnt like this deal, then they need not show up to work that day, when it is passed.