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Franco Lolan
23 Aug 06,, 00:17
My Dad is interested in a chinese oil tanker built in Dalian last year. It's name in pinyin is "Song Mu Dao." What does the ship's name mean? Thank you!

Officer of Engineers
23 Aug 06,, 05:09

Franco Lolan
24 Aug 06,, 02:47
The problem I encounter is that online translation services don't accept pinyin.

I've been using zhongwen.com.
From what I know, Song means "state," "Mu" could mean martial but I don't know the tone on the u, and Dao usually means blade. So, is it "state of the martial blade" or maybe,
"Mover" "water" "blade"?

Officer of Engineers
24 Aug 06,, 03:03
I need to see the Chinese characters.

24 Aug 06,, 17:26
name of an island. It is a chinese tradition to name ships after those small island near shore.