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21 Aug 06,, 17:39
The current WW III fought between Anglo Saxons and Islamic nations has it's roots in the Iranian revolution of 1979 as follows:

As soon as Mullahs came to power in Tehran in 1979 they declared an unofficial war on US and its way of life. They kidnapped 100s of Americans and declared fatwa against anybody they chose.

Countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE were scared of the growing Iranian influence and were not ready to take dictates from the Mullahs in Tehran. They prodded Iraq to go to war against Iran promising Saddam military and financial help all along.

The war was a stalemate and ran for 8 whole years. In the end, Iraq was bankrupt having blown up $40B in war. Saddam felt cheated by the hollow promises of Saudi, Kuwait and others who would not bail Iraq out of the financial burden.

1990 Saddam attacked Kuwait to annex oil and balance his war spending and 1991 Operation Desert Storm happened followed by sanctions on Iraq which killed 1.5 Million people.

This further enraged the muslims like Osama Laden who already had 'ALL GREEN' dreams for the middle east. He started attacking the US here and there and finally the big one came on 9-11. The WWIII became official soon.

George Bush committed a blunder and attacked a secular, middle of the road and non-terrorist or rather well contained Iraq in 2003 and after quick military victory fell into the trap of guerrilla warfare and does not know how to come out of it even after 3 long and costly years.

Iran knew that it had offended and scared the world in the 80s and seeing the Operation Desert Storm and its following events, correctly decided to find the deterrant of nuclear weapons to stop any US/Western attack on itself. Russians who were starving for cash were more than happy to offer into services their reactors and scientists. Pakistanis had already sold few nuclear blue prints to Iranians and only thing needed was the enriched uranium/plutonium and Mullah Bomb would be ready to threat anybody and everybody, near and far, given the several types of missiles already in the Iranian inventory.

US is also scared of Iran, a bold and fanatical nation with nukes will become totally incontrollable. Nuclear blackmail has been well used by Pakistan on India and even on the West. If the US was not bogged and bloodied in Iraq it would have spent up resources to destroy Iranian nuke plants but its expereinces in Iraq advise against immediate attack.

July 2006, Israel decided to start eating the big elephant in small pieces, first by attacked and destroying Hezebulloh in Lebanan and soon might play the same course with Syria.

Let's see what others have to add....................Is it possible that mess that started with Iranian mullahs in 1979 will be finally closed out with Mullahs chased out of Iran and democratic secular governments taking powers in middle east? At least that is the goal of the US, but it is not doing a good job at this goal given its situation in Iraq.

21 Aug 06,, 17:54
Ummm, it's roots go back a hell of a lot farther than that.

About 1300 years farther.

The modern roots for all this trouble date to 1948 though.

22 Aug 06,, 11:34
Why 1948?

22 Aug 06,, 14:04
1948....because that was the birth of Israel, true but only to some extent. over the 50 years Arabs had learned that they cannot defeat Israel so major powers like Egypt, Saudi etc. had started to accept the fact and had come to peace terms. Arabs were on the right track until the US santions on Iraq took its toll and fanatics in the Arab world got enraged and they committed the deed of 9-11. Although it cannot be said about Iran as it was and is always very hostile and aggressive against Israel and no one knows what it will do once it has nukes.

One Catholic from middle east told me that according to holy books of all three Abrahamic religions, the land of Israel will always be in dispute until the return of the second Messiah.....hope that occurs soon, 'cuase billions of dollars in the world have to go towards winning over starvation, AIDS and other human based topics, not on $50M figther jets and $10K Artelliry shells.

23 Aug 06,, 17:32
Ah yes ofcourse......the second coming of Christ!

We await the miracle!

When will people face ground realities and not wallow in hope for something unpredictable or to some, even fairy tales!

No offence intended.