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30 Dec 03,, 01:40
It may sound stupid, but I was wondering where you guys get your information on various pieces of military equipment. I thought I read and knew allot about various subjects, but the knowledge and understanding that you guys show is awesome.

Officer of Engineers
30 Dec 03,, 01:42
Some of us were forced to work with those pieces of junk.

30 Dec 03,, 07:41
Or to blow them up. :)

30 Dec 03,, 15:20
Or are just extremely bored and have hi-speed internet, like me...

31 Dec 03,, 01:22
An excellent source of material can be found here at Global Security.org's military systems section http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/index.html .
I have a couple of other URL's depending on your specific interests.
When you are looking for a more personal side of those systems, I would strongly suggest you post on this board, as most of these guys (myself not included unfortunately) have actually used them. :Beer

31 Dec 03,, 01:44
TopHatter, thanks for the link. Its a very interesting and informative site. I am more into the naval and ground aspect of military weapons and tactics, so any other links that you have dealing with those areas I would appreciate if you would share them.


31 Dec 03,, 10:33
You like battleships DC?

31 Dec 03,, 14:35
Sure do M21Sniper

31 Dec 03,, 16:57
of course some of us just make stuff up.... like Snipe he's always making things up, never trust him :):taynk

31 Dec 03,, 18:17
Damn.....caught at last.


I figured you'd like battleships DC.

The most powerful BB class in the world is named after your state. :)

31 Dec 03,, 22:52
Well, if DC likes battleships then he's OK in my book :Beer

For naval warfare links, surely one of the best websites is here at Hazegrey.org (http://www.hazegray.org/) .
I'll post some more when I get the time.