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13 Aug 06,, 10:27
RTI Act (Right to Information Act) is the greatest tool in the hands on all the citizens to fight corruption in the country. A common man and a padma bhushan awardee Anna Hajare made it a reality.

Now the UPA govt in the centre is planning to present a bill in the parliament to make amendments in teh bill. The said bill will be presented on the 14th and 16th of this month in the parliament.

Till date not ever a draft copy of the bill has been given to the Member of Parliaments.

If the amendment is passed file notings will be removed from the preview of public investigation. Hence all the corrupt babus will be able to carry on their malpractises like in the past. For eg. after amendment we can not find out why our file is pending in any particular govt department, why is it getting delayed or why it was not passed.

Also why a corrupt officer was promoted or a hard working govt servant transferred can be questioned by a ordinary citizen.

Its the only tool in our hand to take on the corrupt politicians and babus. :mad:

13 Aug 06,, 16:51
I'm still waiting for an All India Youth Party.... someone that can REALLY represent us... not some pocket filling asses...

13 Aug 06,, 16:54
Left parties won’t allow amendment in RTI act: Brinda

Friday, August 11th, 2006

New Delhi - Making the Left parties stand clear on the Right to Information Act (RTI), Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Brinda Karat Friday said they will not allow any amendment to the legislation.

‘We wont allow any amendment to RTI as proposed by the cabinet. Exclusion of file notings from the ambit of the legislation will simply curtail the power in the hand of people,’ Karat said.

She was speaking at a public hearing of RTI grievances event organised by Satark Nagarik Sangathan in south Delhi.

‘We have told the government very emphatically that their decision to bring in changes and pass it in parliament is simply not acceptable to us. The act should remain as it is now.

File notings are expressions of opinion by officers handling projects. These play a key role in deciding the future of a project or policy.

Satark Nagarik Sangathan chief Anjali Bhardwaj said the government bid to bring in the amended version was aimed at ‘hiding many misdeeds by the bureaucracy’.

She said all RIT activists in India were fighting jointly against the government plan. Magsaysay award winner Sandip Pandey is on hunger strike in the heart of the capital. Veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare is protesting in Mumbai.


Protests in Maharashtra against amendment of RTI Act

Alandi, Pune, Aug 10: Social activist Anna Hazare is on fast-unto-death against the government's move to amend the Right to Information Act, 2005. Protests and demonstrations in this regard will be undertaken in all 27 districts of Maharashtra from today along with a countrywide agitation.

Hazare, who started his protest from a religious place at Alandi, told reporters that by bringing in the amendments the very soul of the right to information will be taken away. ''This is injustice to the 110 crore people of this country,'' he said.

Bureau Report

Protest against RTI amendments gaining momentum
New Delhi, Aug 09: The protest against government's move to amend the recently enacted 'Right to Information Act' is gaining momentum as RTI activists launched agitation all across the country with Magsaysay Award winner Sandeep Pandey launching an indefinite hunger strike in the capital today.

Intensifying the protest, social activist Anna Hazare will be going on indefinite strike in Mumbai from tomorrow even as three former Supreme Court judges issued a joint statement lending support to the agitation which has drawn support from various quarters.

Demanding a total rollback on government decision to amend the RTI Act, Pandey started the hunger strike at the Jantar Mantar here as part of 'campaign to save rti act'.

In their joint statement, Justice J C Verma, Justice V R Krishna Iyer and Justice P B Sawant said, "the people have a participatory role in a republican democracy and under such circumstances there is no justification for such an amendment to the RTI Act which seeks to unreasonably and unconstitutionally restrict the people's right to know."

Students from the Delhi School of Economics also joined the protest to express solidarity with the cause.

The "Campaign to Save RTI act" had kicked-off yesterday with the submitting of a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by a youth group and a performance by the pop band Euphoria.

The Cabinet has reportedly approved amendments to the RTI Act 2005, which among other things do not allow citizen access to file notings.

As per the amendment, only "substanial notings relating to social and development issues" will be available for citizens.

Bureau Report

and if they still manage to pass this bill... then shame on the goverment...

13 Aug 06,, 17:07
one more thing... this bill can be still put down right???

The bill hasn't been passed yet only proposed.They'll push the bill through before we even know it.Neither parties aren't comfortable with the RTI. IT came about because of public demand and now they're amending it because it'll be difficult for the government to be corrupt.

Here's some info abt RTI

The demand for a comprehensive legislation to operationalize the right to information has surfaced time and again in independent India. For the past few years though, the demand has been particularly energetic primarily because of the involvement of a cross-section of civil society including journalists, lawyers, academics and social activists, and the repercussions of a strong grassroots movement spearheaded by the Mazdoor Kissan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS) in Rajasthan.

Efforts by the civil society, timing of the demand and the inability of a democratic state to oppose a concept like the right to information have accounted for many successes, in particular on the legislative side. Right to Information laws have been enacted by several states such as Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa and some states like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have passed executive orders for providing access to information.

The most significant achievement on the legislative side, though, has been the enactment of the Right to Information Act 2005. It aims to empower every citizen with the right to obtain information from the Government. The change from the repressive regime of the Official Secrets Act to the recognition by the Parliament of the freedom of information as a citizen's right has taken a long time but marks a significant paradigm shift for Indian democracy.


13 Aug 06,, 17:13
and if they still manage to pass this bill... then shame on the goverment...

I wonder what happened to the slogan "Congress ka haath AAm Janata ke sath"

13 Aug 06,, 17:28
Some more info.

1. What is the Application Procedure for requesting information?
Apply in writing or through electronic means in English or Hindi or in the official language of the area, to the PIO, specifying the particulars of the information sought for.

Reason for seeking information are not required to be given;

Pay fees as may be prescribed (if not belonging to the below poverty line category).

2. What is the time limit to get the information?

30 days from the date of application

48 hours for information concerning the life and liberty of a person
5 days shall be added to the above response time, in case the application for information is given to Assistant Public Information Officer.

If the interests of a third party are involved then time limit will be 40 days (maximum period + time given to the party to make representation).
Failure to provide information within the specified period is a deemed refusal.

3. What is the fee?

Application fees to be prescribed which must be reasonable.

If further fees are required, then the same must be intimated in writing with calculation details of how the figure was arrived at;

Applicant can seek review of the decision on fees charged by the PIO by applying to the appropriate Appellate Authority;

No fees will be charged from people living below the poverty line

Applicant must be provided information free of cost if the PIO fails to comply with the prescribed time limit.

4. What could be the ground for rejection?
If it is covered by exemption from disclosure. (S.8)

If it infringes copyright of any person other than the State. (S.9)

13 Aug 06,, 18:45
huh... seems like it became hard for our politicians to do their corruption... and every citizen in his right mind would oppose such amendments... we should seriously have mass nationwide protests against these amendments... something similar to when Sonia was gonna be PM...

19 Aug 06,, 23:30

seems like the government is stalling...

20 Aug 06,, 06:44
This morning news.

The Amendment is in the cold storage.

However, I am sure the govt will ingenuously find some way to prevent embarrassing stuff from getting into the hands of those who wish to embarrass them! ;)

20 Aug 06,, 07:09
hehe, they can try to hide.. but when our media and opposition parties make noise, the government caves in... I think the media is probably the best thing in our hands to fight corruption... especially since recently a lot of tv channels are conducting their own anti-corruption operations resulting in exposure of corrupted MLA's... (although we must give credit to Aaj Tak; i think they were the first tv channel to secretly record and expose corrupt government officials on national tv).