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07 Aug 06,, 15:50
Kargil mud slinging going on..

Kargil defeat (http://www.paktribune.com/news/index.shtml?151668)

ISLAMAB:A The ill-conceived planning by General Musharraf led to Kargil debacle which was the second major military defeat for the country .

This was said by PML-N joint secretary Siddiq ul Farooq while unveiling white paper on Kargil incident here in a press conference Saturday.

He told that over 3000 Mujahideens, officers and soldiers of NLI had to render sacrifice of their lives on Kargil front which was opened by General Musharraf without obtaining approval from the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif and taking into confidence Naval and air chiefs and other corps commanders.

The then Prime Minster Nawaz Sharif constituted inquiry committee and in the light of the report of this committee President Musharraf was to face court martial. This report was not only stolen but also Nawaz Sharif government was overthrown, he alleged.

Giving details of Kargil episode Siddiq ul Farooq said India had become aware of Kargil operation 11 months earlier. Therefore, it had made full preparations. On the other hand general Pervez Musharraf in obsession of wild pursuit of power opened this front on May, 8,1999 with ill-planning. Due to ill-conceived planning Pakistan had to lose 3000 Mujahideen and officers and Jawans of NLI On the other hand only 474 Indian troops were killed and 1109 injured.

This confrontation which was given the name of operation Vajey by India had posed threat of nuclear war, he said adding it was a complete victory for India on military, diplomatic and economic fronts and on the other hand it was the second major military defeat for Pakistan.

The then prime minister Nawaz Sharif constituted committee for probing into the incident, he told. As per report of the inquiry committee general Pervez Musharraf was to face court martial. This report was stolen from the Prime Minister House.

He maintained Indian intelligence agency RAW played a terrible role against Pakistan in Kargil operation while Pakistani intelligence agencies fully failed on this count. RAW taped all the telephonic conversation of General Abdul Aziz with General Pervez Musharraf who was in China on official visit and presented it before the world.

General Musharraf was summoned in cabinet meeting on June and he told that China had advised to withdraw Mujahideen from Kargil. All the flaws of Kargil planning came to light this way which reflected that responsibility of failure of Kargil operation rested on the shoulders of General Musharraf.

Siddiq ul Farooq claimed General Musharraf had neither obtained approval from the Prime Minister for Kargil operation nor he had taken naval and Air chiefs and corps commanders. At the behest of General Musharraf efforts were launched to steer passage for return of troops from Kargil. On the other side US and France had also threatened to impose restrictions.

Siddiq ul Farrooq told that the defence experts had also declared Kargil operation a failed plan. Claims being made by general Musharraf that Nawaz Sharif is responsible for Kargil debacle run contrary to the facts, he added.

About the recommendations made in the white paper Siddiq ul Farooq said it is suggested therein General Musharraf should present himself for court martial. A high level commission to probe into Kargil debacle be set up. Steps be taken to confine army role to the defence of the borders, he remarked

And, we in India blame RAW for inteligence failure. :biggrin:
Man this stuff is not gonna help Pakistan one bit.