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29 Jul 06,, 23:21
Today, in a single article in a local newspaper, the UN's bias and impotence was displayed in yet three more expamples. The basis of the article was the findings of a UN comission on Human rights regarding the US:

they exclaiemd that the US should abolise the death penalty because it is biased against minorities;

as a result of Hurrican Katrina the US should make sure that balcks are taken care of in th erebuilding of New Orleans;

In an offshoot to the main story, it was also mentioned how the UN had "sanctioned" North Korea by bannig its members from providing NK with any missle or WMD technology (which is ALREADY the cas)

AND it mentioned how it has 1000 UN observers/peackeepers in Souhtern Lebanon who have done nothing for something like ten years to enforce the disarmament of Hezbollah. While the UN troops sat in their tents, corss border attacks have continued for years, while Hez massed rockets and arms right in front of the UN observers.

Now who is going to tell me that the UN is not impotent?

29 Jul 06,, 23:22
sorry for the misspellings - my five year old was hanging on my arm while I was trying to type

31 Jul 06,, 04:25
I saw the UN report on US.


Studies have shown that whites died at a higher proportion than blacks during Katrina.

What about the flood in the northeast that wrecked thousands of homes? No one cares because they are mostly white. If they were black, you bet your ass that UN will jump up and down while screaming racism.

We should cut our UN funding, kick them out of that nice building in NY, and tell them to go to France.