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25 Jul 06,, 23:16
If there's one thing in politics that makes me angry it's double standards. I sat down thinking about it the other day and was fairly

Norway is perceived as a country which one of it's main exports is peace around the globe (at least we like to think so ourselves). The truth is that seen in comparison to our small population we're one of the largest weapon exporters in the world, we're even larger than USA (if we compared pop.). Norways richest man at the moment got so by transporting AFV's and heavy materiel for USA to use in the war against Iraq.
Norwegian companies like Raufoss, Kongsberg-gruppen, Umoe and Aker-Kvaerner is making record profits on a war our current govt doesn't officially support. There's lots of Norwegian domestic issues of double standards in Norwegian politics I can think of.

CIA agents kidnap European citizens in European countries for questioning regarding terrorism. What would the US response been if they found out Germany (for the sake of argument) kidnapped US citizens in USA and flew them back to Germany for questioning?
How can USA extradite accused war criminals to the war crimes tribunal in Haag, but refuse to hand over their own soldiers to the same court if it should come to that? Haven't they already given the court legitimacy when they extradite foreign citizens to the court?

In the "muhammed cartoon" incident many western governments (including the Norwegian prime minister) reprimanded news editors for printing the cartoons. Instead of excusing our freedom of speech shouldn't we explain that governments has no say into the free press? In fact it's the basis of our democracies.

There's new examples made every day. My point is every country in the world is full of political double standards. Is it possible to eradicate double standards in politics? If yes, how? If no, why?

25 Jul 06,, 23:37
Let me help you out here.

North Korea launches a missile, there's an international uproar.

US tests ballistic missiles all the time, no one cares.

UN almost never works with the US, yet US is the single biggest contributor of its revenue.

Afghanistan harbors terrorists, so we go in and kick out the government.

Those same terrorists now live in northern Pakistan, so let's sell some fighter jets to Musharaf.

The world ain't fair.