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21 Jul 06,, 00:57
How does one go about conducting a poll...without mucking it up? ive seen a few polls out on the boards, with a completely different thread topic.

Id like to conduct a poll, and am curious as to how one goes about it. I saw the Poll thingy on the bottom of the page, but i dont know how it works.


21 Jul 06,, 04:04
Start a new thread. Type whatever it is you have to say/ask in the top portion, just like starting a new thread regularly.

In the "Additional Options" section at the bottom of the page check "Yes, post a poll with this thread" and select the number of poll options.

Click "Submit" and it will take you to a second screen where you type in your question, and the choices for your poll. In the options section on that page you can set a time limit, allow multiple votes, and/or show who voted for what, as you see fit.

Happy polling! :)

21 Jul 06,, 05:01

21 Jul 06,, 05:10
You're welcome. :)