View Full Version : Govt:Damned if you do, damned if you don't...So much for moderate moslems in Britain

04 Jul 06,, 10:30
Okay, govt first tries to integrate moslems into mainstream, here's how they thank govt.



and the response to the above two:


04 Jul 06,, 11:07
Chaired by leading Muslim community figures, the groups also produced a practical programme of action, with the government pledging at the time to implement "most of it".

ROFLMAO, don't they know anything about government?

04 Jul 06,, 11:22
I don't see anything new in any of this.

Extremists have been running around on university campuses for decades, nobody has taken action, muslims like me are more likely to spend time at the Student union bar than at the islamic society because of the cra-p those guys spout out a lot of the time. btw i don't drink.

Al Queda trying to get into mi5, i can see that, it's logical really, probably have been doing it for years, it's just a good time to publish the news as the headline sells so well right now.

As for the government not listening to people, tell me something new.