View Full Version : Whos the stronger sex (males or females)

23 Dec 03,, 04:12
Who do we think is the stronger sex, males or females in terms of physical strength (muscle)? Id have to say its a tie, in recent years girls have just been getting stronger and stronger with each generation , girls in my school (even at the 10th grade level) are probably way stronger then girls at the 10th grade level in my parents days :mad:

23 Dec 03,, 07:50
Hah, are you serious?

I lifted heavily for 4 years, and I can unequivocally say that men are by far much stronger.

Comparing the average man to the average woman, it isn't an issue of men being 1.5 times stronger, or 2 times stronger.

The real disparity is about 4 to 1.

In all of my lifting experience, very few times did I come across a female who could bench more than just the bar, maybe 5 pounds on each side. (Keep in mind this is sets of 10 reps)

23 Dec 03,, 07:51
Butch women scare me..

23 Dec 03,, 09:54
Why, cuz if you made any wrong moves you'd win first prize in a pretzel imitating contest? The risk is half the fun!!!

23 Dec 03,, 11:46

Men are far more stronger, yes there are exceptions where some females are stronger (whether thats good or not, its upto whoever lives with them. lol!!)

There is far more violence by men on women and not vice versa.

But thats how it is, intellectually, its a different ball game all together.

23 Dec 03,, 13:54
No question men are by far the stronger sex. To the credit of women, their pain tolerance is much higher, most men would squeel like a 2 year old teething if they had to give birth!