View Full Version : 6.5 earthquake rocks Central California

22 Dec 03,, 19:58
CAMBRIA, Calif. - An earthquake rocked the central coast Monday and sent tremors across a wide swath of Southern California.

The quake, which hit around 11:16 a.m. PT (2:16 ET), was felt as a sustained but gentle rolling motion in downtown Los Angeles. The U.S. Geological Survey gave it a preliminary magnitude of 6.5 and said it was centered north of Cambria, a coastal town about 185 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

The epicenter is near San Simeon, William Randolph Hearstís castle. Calls to the castle did not immediately go through.

Tad Weber, managing editor of The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, about 30 miles southeast of Cambria, said he was in a meeting when "all of a sudden there was a jolting and we look up and see the building swaying. I dove under a desk to wait it out. At first we thought it was a heavy truck but it just kept going. We all called our families and they were all OK."