View Full Version : Helping my Brother move today.

22 Dec 03,, 03:35
A group consisting of three brothers. And five of the eldest's friends. All helped him & his fiancee move into a new house today.

When the storage space was almost emptied. Suddenly one of the cheap laborers shouts "Awwww Bob!" And out he walks with two of my soon to be sister in law's New Kids On The Block posters. My brother kept getting busted on & laughed at for them. No matter how much he'd yell "thier not mine!".

Also a 6' NKOTB cardboard stand was found. Then the same cheap help, Kenny. Placed it against my brothers face and made a kissing noise.

The grand finale was after everything was moved into his new house. Both of the former owners were there as well as the eight freelance movers. And two of the pictures were hung on some nails in the wall. Nine people laughing at my brother.

Then a little girl that lives a few houses down, that also helped a little bit. Asked if the pic of the youngest New Kids member is him? Nine people laughed even louder.

Oh, and my brother is expected to stop by a little bit later. Might reply, add any good busting on of him that may happen. (open to suggestion)