View Full Version : Pak lauds India’s ‘law-abiding’ citizens

01 Jun 06,, 04:36
Pak lauds India’s ‘law-abiding’ citizens


Islamabad: India’s ‘law-abiding’ citizens have floored a delegation of Pakistani lawmakers, who hope their countrymen will learn from their neighbours.

The observations were made during a discussion by the Pakistan Sub-committee of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on the alleged corruption by former director-general of Pakistan Post Office, Agha Masood, a retired military officer. The PAC sub-committee includes members from Pakistan’s ruling and opposition parties.

Kunwar Khalid Younis of the Muthahida Quami Movement (MQM) said that during his visit to India he was surprised to see that music at a dinner hosted by a Congress chief minister in honour of the Pakistani delegation was stopped at 11.30 pm, though the party was still in progress. He was later told the music had been stopped in deference to orders issued by the local mayor, a BJP leader, in the interest of public peace.

“The Indians are a big, democratic nation because they respect law,” a PAC member said, while regretting the sorry attitude of the civil and military bureaucracy in Pakistan which violated the law with impunity, The News daily reported.

Link (http://www.mumbaimirror.com/nmirror/mmpaper.asp?sectid=4&articleid=5312006225543785312006225542187)

02 Jun 06,, 21:26
LOL.......its an exception rather than a rule actually

02 Jun 06,, 21:29
I was thinking the same thing. Everythings relative. Remember President Kalams "chain e-mail" wherein he exhorts Indian citizens to be as responsible, orderly and conscious of civic responsibility, as they do when they are in the west?

Funny world.