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24 May 06,, 02:09
Indonesia's Suharto critically ill
Published May 23, 2006

JAKARTA -- Former Indonesian President Suharto suffered from fresh internal bleeding Tuesday as doctors in Jakarta struggled to locate the source, a report said.

Suharto's chief doctor, Mardjo Subiandono, said the 84-year-old's condition was deteriorating after Friday's third surgery since May 4, and said Suharto was looking "weak and pale," the BBC reported.

Doctors removed blood clots near the site of an earlier intestinal operation on Friday.

Suharto has suffered several strokes since he was ousted from power in 1998 after 32 years as a hard-line dictator.

There is still widespread dissent in Indonesia that the government recently dropped charges of embezzling $600 million against Suharto because of his ailing health.

Human rights activists also allege Suharto is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths during his regime.