View Full Version : Iraqi Resistance

18 Dec 03,, 14:23
In the build up to GWII US special forces bribed Iraqi officers to go AWOL when the lead started flying. Clearly this was a successful tactic and somehwat explains the collapse of some of the more "feared" units.

However the current Iraqi resistance has been vaguely described. A thought occured to me that perhaps the large number of AWOL officers from the Iraqi army now have money and still some nationalism and are part of this resistance.

Pure speculation i know, but what do you think? Am i talking rubbish?

21 Dec 03,, 05:06
I think a large part of this "resistance" is being orchestrated by foreigners, namely foreign Arabs and Al-Qaeda.

21 Dec 03,, 20:06
I agree with what Ironman said, Iranians and Syrians are also belived to be helping the rebels. Also remember how we caught those 19 Turkish special forces in Kirkuk? They were there for1 of 2 reasons; to either kill the kurds (most possible reason to me) or to attack US forces.