View Full Version : Same Old Pathetic **** in the India and Pakistan section

19 May 06,, 21:40
Yeah, it was peaceful for a while now we have the same idiots posting their BS. :mad:

Asim Aquil
19 May 06,, 21:44
After a time you'd make your peace with it, like me.

Lol, and right now the Pakistani crowd aint REALLY posting. For some reason this is seen like a green light to push us further into the corner.

19 May 06,, 21:48
It is like they live in a unrealistic world trying to use anything to put down Pakistan. Too bad the reality is diffrent than what they try to make it seem. We could go on for days about Insurgencies in India but we choose not BS. Vaman I can not speak for he claims he is a Indian.

Asim Aquil
19 May 06,, 21:49
Also where's the fun when the odds are in your favor? Take challenges head on... Well as long as all parties are up for the game.

What was Gandhi's quote? "We'd play by the rules, as long as we're put in the game", something like that.

19 May 06,, 21:51
No no no my friends. We are not going through page after page of this nonsense again.

If you have a problem with specific posts, then do please report them.

As you can see, lately we've been a near-zero tolerence. That includes all sorts of things! :)