View Full Version : LOL - muslim: "make veil part of french uniform"

15 Dec 03,, 03:24
this guys suggesting that since everyone in french schools needs to wear the same uniform and muslims want to wer the veil in school, therefore the veil should be made part of the uniform and everyone should wear it! LOL, what a wacko.

Suggestion. Since muslim girls not wearing the hijab is a sin, why don't you make the uniform include head covering . After all for the non muslims it is just a uniform.


15 Dec 03,, 03:36
What a dumbass. I also noticed he had a pic of the WTC ruins in his profile, seems he takes pride in it.

15 Dec 03,, 03:54
French schools don't have uniforms in the Eton sense, but they do have codes. Ie, a couple of months ago there was a move to ban the wearing of visible g-strings in schools.

Apparently the very slutty (IMO) low-cut-jeans-with-thon-straps-showing look was in, and it was too distracting.

From what I can tell, they would have a system like "all students must wear white(or whatever colour) shirts and navy pants/skirts"

This leaves it open for guys to wear tight muscle-tops or button-up cottong shirts, and girls to wear ankle length skirts or short minis with halter tops.

The head scarves were an issue because head coverings full stop were banned. Ie, to stop student radicals coming to school with a PLO facemask or a balaclave (basque seperatists)

You have similar laws in the US I think, preventing the KKK from marching maksed in public.

15 Dec 03,, 21:55
Originally posted by Ziska
You have similar laws in the US I think, preventing the KKK from marching maksed in public. Actually I'm not so sre on this one. I think those idiots can wear hoods... of course wearing KKK regalia will usually get you more attention than you really want.

16 Dec 03,, 00:53
WTF? I don't thing so. Why don't we just force all students to learn to read by reading the bible. After all to those that don't believe, it's just a book. Right? I feel bad for England the Muslims are slowly taking over that country.