View Full Version : Allow HTML postings?

Asim Aquil
12 May 06,, 10:02
I was thinking that it'd be a good idea to allow HTML postings. I know there are some redirection html code that can be exploited, but we can take measures to ensure that no one uses them.

What can be done?

Keep it a privilleged option. Meaning anyone with an xxxx amount of posts gets gets to post in html. This will ensure that the person's not just a passersby and has spent some time here. People who have spent some time wouldn't want to abuse their privelleges and risk getting booted.

Why is it so cool?

Sometimes posts require some proper formatting. Try copy pasting tables from html documents over here, everything will be a mess. HTML copy pasting would solve that.

At the least its an extra functionality that WAB could do with.