View Full Version : I ran out of Indian and Pakistani jokes.

11 May 06,, 14:36
And so did this Board. Bye, y'all.

11 May 06,, 14:58
And so did this Board. Bye, y'all.

I ran out of butter cookies colloquialism so you'all posters, u on ur own.

11 May 06,, 18:32
...Bye, y'all.Well, I can't blame ya Bluesman, most of the threads here leave a hell of a lot to be desired. It seems like about 50% of the posts are just trolls or ass-rubbing.

But I hope you stick around, this place is already overrun by one trick ponies and there are too few members that have anything useful to offer as it is. Hate to lose a good one.

12 May 06,, 00:48
Its high time you all offer some good threads to improve the value, rather than adopting the line that you are currently following.

I am sure then things will improve.

But if the threads are boring and without any intellectual,humorous or topical value, then the issues that seem to have vexed you all will once again surface.

I am sure you all are forgetting that an idle mind is a devils workshop.

So don't keep the minds idle.

Just see the thread that are ongoing.

They are dowdy and musty and the discussions are like old dowagers having their afternoon tea or a parish get together of pensioners!

So, look within also before getting so punctilious, snooty and snobbish. To be even so, you should have reasons.

Sadly, you don't!

and what exactly do you mean by stating that this board is a ghetto?

Please understand that I too can give a suitable reply.

It is silly to be provocative.

Even a cat fights back when cornered!