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28 Apr 06,, 18:45
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Pro-Taliban tribes unite to challenge Pakistan Army in North Waziristan

* Up to 5,000 people believed to be actively supporting local Taliban

ISLAMABAD: Pro-Taliban tribes in North Waziristan have buried ancient feuds and joined forces to fight the army, posing a new threat to President General Pervez Musharraf’s anti-militant drive, analysts and officials have said.

Up to 5,000 tribesmen are launching near-daily rocket and bomb attacks on military bases and convoys in the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan, while the headless bodies of alleged US spies are dumped on the streets, they said.

Brought together by religion and their hatred of Musharraf’s ties to Washington, the tribes are stepping up their defiance of military efforts to control the region and flush out foreign Al Qaeda suspects, they added.

Local sources said that the prolonged military campaign has resulted in Wazir tribesmen linking hands with their long-term rivals, the Dawar tribe, to protect their joint independence.

The two firebrand clerics – Abdul Khaleq and Sadiq Noor - identified by the military as being behind the current resistance are both from the Dawar clan and are commanding members of their rival Wazir clan, the sources said.

A former security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that between 3,000 and 5,000 people had joined the local Taliban.

Military spokesman Major General Shaukat Sultan, while stressing that the army was only employing force as a last resort, acknowledged that the use of force “does result in the army taking more casualties but our effort is to prevent collateral damage and we avoid using big force”.

He admitted that the situation was “not that good” but stressed that the problem lay with militants from Afghanistan, along with some locals, who wanted to use the region to launch attacks on coalition troops across the border.

Analysts say that Pakistan’s military offensives in North Waziristan have led to a situation where the only functioning structures are the army and the militants.

According to defence analyst Hasan Askari, however, “with the passage of time, the tribal chiefs have weakened and three years of military operations have further weakened this institution (Pakistan Army)”.

This has led to a situation, Askari asserts, whereby “the mullah is now the point of political attraction in the tribal areas”. And it is the mullah who “is now defiant of the tribal chief, the Pakistan military and the United States”. AFP


It is extraordinary that Pakistanis by birth are themselves rebelling in so many parts of Pakistan.

Apparently, the Pakistan govt and the military's tactics and strategy is losing the hearts and minds of its citizens, resulting in these internecine blowups bordering on outright rebellion.

It is time for Pakistan to put its house in order before the situation goes totally into a tailspin.

It is also extraordinary that the Pakistanis charged with "their hatred of Musharraf’s ties to Washington".

What is there to hate if Pakistan has good ties with Washington.

After all, Washington is the hand that feeds so much so there is so much of clamour that the US has not given Pakistan "parity" in doling out nuclear reactors in the neighbourhood as if they were lollipops for nursery children!

Asim Aquil
28 Apr 06,, 18:48

Now we got treason charges up against them too.

How long will this unity last? Even their political faction, MMA has strife amongst themselves! Tomorrow some Sardar's son will screw some sardar's daughter and they'd get caught in the affair and they'd start fighting again.

The push against the Pro-Taliban forces should continue, united or not.

28 Apr 06,, 18:50
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Pakistan must prevent Talibanisation: UN

KABUL: Pakistan must help prevent the spread of the resurgent Taliban militia in Afghanistan and within its own borders, the United Nations special representative to Afghanistan said on Thursday. The two countries must also cooperate instead of constantly accusing each other publicly of failing to act against the Islamic fighters, Tom Koenigs told reporters in Kabul. “The government of Pakistan is aware they have to prevent a Talibanisation of Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said. “Blaming the neighbour doesn’t help, cooperation does.” He hoped for a better future for Afghanistan “maybe not in the short term but in the medium term”. AFP

Pakistan must seriously look into the rise of Talibanism or else Musharraf and people who wish to put Pakistan back on the rails will be swept aside!

Pakistan does not have the mineral wealth or oil like Saudi Arabia to survive in detached isolation as a obscurantist country like Saudi Arabia.

If Pakistan closes her eyes, then it will be inviting Doomsday!

Asim Aquil
28 Apr 06,, 18:57
I think shooting more people won't help.

Perhaps we can do more to disunite them. Make them kill each other off? It can't be that hard.

28 Apr 06,, 19:01
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Taliban leader vows jihad against US, UK

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani Taliban leader vowed on Thursday to wage an unrelenting holy war against US and British troops in Afghanistan from his stronghold in Pakistan’s tribal lands. Speaking by telephone from South Waziristan, where his forces have gathered strength in recent months, Haji Omar denied harbouring Al Qaeda members, but said he was organising attacks inside Afghanistan. “There is no Al Qaeda here. There is only ... the Taliban of Waziristan,” Omar said. “We do send mujahideen to Afghanistan. We send mujahideen to areas where American and British troops are concentrated ... we will continue our jihad against them. It is our religious obligation.” Reuters


The cup of woe brims over!

Something must be done fast!

Asim Aquil
28 Apr 06,, 19:06
Finally in the right thread eh? :D :D

My tequila theory doesn't seem far off :D

How many Haji Omars are there? Didn't we get one last year?