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09 Aug 03,, 03:12
Well a nicely done F-117 stealth! The kit is Hasegawa, and relatively easy to put together. As a side note, I tried going near one parked on the tarmac at the Burke Lake front airport at the cleveland air show a couple of years back! The SOB Airforce or marine sentry guard didn't let me get close to it, or let me take a picture! :-x :-x apparently it is still pretty much a secret project :confused: :confused: Anyway here it is built OOB:







09 Aug 03,, 03:33
We had an F-117 fly over on the 27/28th for the boatraces in the Tri-Cities. You can NOT hear the thing from the front. I just happened to look up and see it flying slightly above canyon level along the Columbia River about a mile out, just a black boomerang shape getting bigger and bigger until it passes by and THEN you hear the jet engines.

09 Aug 03,, 04:11
i have one of these kits...i gave it to my bro...may be i'll take some pics :)

09 Aug 03,, 05:29
Please do! All modelers' pics are welcome, from first time modelers to long-time experts! I need to find somebody with a digital camera so I can post the development of my modeling skills, from afternoon projects without paint to the museum-quality ones I do today!

09 Aug 03,, 13:30
Lull, beautiful pics dude!! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!! :)Clp

09 Aug 03,, 18:12
Jesus, it looks real.

Excellent job.

09 Aug 03,, 22:13
Looks good, nice job.

I believe the F-117s have a highly toxic coating on them.

14 Aug 03,, 21:39
Thats really nice. :)

15 Aug 03,, 22:17
Welcome to the forum, Chang!

What kinds of models hold the most interest for you?

16 Aug 03,, 19:35
I used to be really into models. Had a couple F-14's, F-15's, and F-4, F-16, F-22, F-23, AH-64, RAH-66, UH-1, and UH-60. Also had a couple HMMWV's. Once I got my first call for the IDF I stopped though.

08 Sep 03,, 22:36
That is a magnificent F-117 model. The paint job and gluing is flawless. Kudos!

22 Sep 03,, 00:14
I wonder where lulldapull's been...

We need to get him back here to post more models :)

22 Sep 03,, 20:56
Agreed, I'd love to seem more models. I have an SR-71 Blackbird and a P-51 Mustang that I've had waiting for me to build since last December. The only problem is finding a decent hobby shop around here. The Wal-Mart hobby aisle just does not cut the mustard.