View Full Version : 3CU inch 3 HP diesil engines?

03 Dec 03,, 01:17
I was reading the online version of the Aerospace Daily the other day and it mentioned they had dumped the contractor for batteries for the Army's new UAV surveilance system that would fly out to a predetermined location using GPS or other means and land or perch itself on say a hil or other good viewing location and begin surveilance. When done it would start up again and return to base.

It was supposed to be battery powered but the lithium batteries supplied by the contractor didn't meet spec and the UAV did not have enough power to rise up again and return to base. This would have made it a one way trip.

They opted to dump the batteries altogether and go with a diesil engine. The engine when built is supposed to be only 3 cubic inches in volume and the entire UAV is only 11.5 inch wide as it's required to fit in a standard back pack so that troops can carry it without much difficulty. The estimated and required horsepower for this little engine is supposed to be 2.5 to 3 HP.

06 Dec 03,, 05:59
Diesel? I don't think it would be possible to make an engine that small, lol.

08 Dec 03,, 23:40
Well the M! Abrams tank engine even though it is supposedly a "Jet engine" it runs multiple fue types and can therefore be considered a Diesel of sorts. Maybe this UAV has something similar.

I just read today the new navy X-ship or UAV carrier with 100 meter take off and landing area is supposed to cruise at 50 knots. Thats one FAST UAV carrier.

08 Dec 06,, 20:39
Diesel? I don't think it would be possible to make an engine that small, lol.

it is posible, they say diesel but it realy is not diesel it has the same way of igniting fuel (which is not diesel fuel) compression,they run on some nasty stuf a mix of ether that dentists used to use, kerosine and castor oil,It stinks too.
i made many flying models of planes from the skrach in my young days ,they used different "diesels" with displasment of ; from 1,5 cubik sm, to 10 qubik sm, 1 sm=10mm.

10 Dec 06,, 10:37
it most likely means compression ignited piston engine. all campression ignited engines are called diesel engines because of Rudolf Diesel who invented it. correct name for gas powered spark ingition piston engine would be otto engine(Nicolaus Otto invented 4-stroke gas engine as we know it). so eaven if it doesnt use diesel fuel but some other compression ignitable fuel it is a diesel engine. and small 2-stroke diesels are commonly used in model cars/plans etc.

and gas turbine(eaven if its capable of burning diesel fuel) and diesel engine have nothing in common. other is reciprocating and other is continous burn. true apples to oranges comparison.