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29 Nov 03,, 04:43
Adenauer voted Germany's greatest

German television viewers have voted post-war Chancellor Konrad Adenauer as the greatest German of all time.
More than three million votes were registered by phone, text message and over the internet in a contest run on ZDF television.

Reformation Monk Martin Luther came second, with communist philosopher Karl Marx third.

Adolf Hitler and other Nazis were excluded from the poll, otherwise this was the people's choice.

The final of the Greatest German series was fought between 10 figures, including physicist Albert Einstein and the inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg.

Economic miracle

Composer Johann Sebastian Bach and writer Johannes Wolfgang von Goethe were also in the running.

Famous names from Germany and abroad were shown making the case for their favourite.

Bill Gates championed Gutenberg, while the leader of Germany's Communist Party after the fall of the Berlin Wall argued in favour of Karl Marx, to applause from a small but raucous section of the studio audience.

Winner Konrad Adenauer served from 1949 to 1963 and helped re-establish German democracy after the Nazi era.

He also oversaw the first years of the German economic miracle - a cause for some nostalgia today as the country's economy lags in the doldrums.

None of the great figures from sport or entertainment made it through to the end.

Boris Becker, Franz Beckenbauer and Marlene Dietrich were knocked out earlier on.


29 Nov 03,, 17:24
Wow. That speaks volumes about Germans that they would have voted Hitler the Greatest German of all time. Makes you wonder, if that the best they have to offer, how bad are the rest of them. Not to mention voting Karl Marx third. :roll

29 Nov 03,, 17:28
If I were German, I would have voted for Bismark. He MADE Germany, and he made it the strongest power in Europe.

03 Dec 03,, 03:28
Hitler is certainly a strange choice, especially as he was Austrian.

03 Dec 03,, 03:29
Originally posted by Trooth
Hitler is certainly a strange choice, especially as he was Austrian.
Technically Austrians are Germans though. Different nationality, same ethnicity :)

03 Dec 03,, 11:06
most people from switzerland and the luxembourg are also ethnic germans.