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10 Apr 06,, 21:41
The ulema and karo-kari

THAT 40 religious leaders of various schools of thought declared karo-kari unIslamic at a conference held in Larkana the other day is a positive development. Already, several religious leaders and organisations have condemned honour killings as being against the tenets of Islam but the message needs to be reinforced at all levels. It is not enough for religious or political leaders in Islamabad to issue strong statements against heinous crimes against women; the message must be driven home to the people directly affected by the menace so that they can understand how criminal an act karo-kari is. This is why it is heartening that the conference was held in Larkana, an area where honour killings are fairly prevalent, as it carried the message to reach a large section of the rural population. Any kind of awareness campaign must be supported by the government which has to accept that crimes against women — be they honour-related, rape or domestic violence — are rising at an alarming rate and can only be contained through a process of social enlightenment. It is equally important that laws against such crimes are implemented, which unfortunately has not been the case. More often than not, the police are reluctant to register karo-kari cases or influential tribal leaders succeed in using their clout to suppress any protest or action against honour killings or similar other offences against women.

If the government exhibits a serious political will to tackle social ills prevailing in the country, it can find an ally in enlightened members of the ulema to win the war on atrocities like karo-kari. It has tried to engage the ulema on family planning but to take it further ahead, it must ensure that a dialogue is a continuing process that includes all members of society.


Hope someone acts!

14 Apr 06,, 22:23
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‘Honourable man’ axes wife to death

Staff Report

SHEIKHUPURA: A man axed his wife to death in Goband Garh locality in Nankana Sahib district on Thursday. According to police, Faqeer Hussain suspected his wife, Bashiran, of having an affair. On the day of incident, both husband and wife quarrelled and Hussain, in a fit of rage, axed his wife to death. Safdarabad police are investigating.

Woman demands police case: A woman on Thursday demanded police register a case against the killers of her son.

Ramzan, a resident of Gharibabad locality, told reporters in the nazim’s office on Thursday that her son, Aslam, was shot dead by three men two years ago. She said her son was a labourer at the grain market.

She said the accused, Aatif, Baber and Shaukat, waylaid her son and tried to snatch money from him. When he resisted, they allegedly shot him dead.

She said Sadar police did not register a case against the killers and demanded the governor, the chief minister, IG Police and Sheikhupura DPO order registration of case against the accused and arrest them.

14 Apr 06,, 22:24
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Four women kidnapped from different localities

OKARA: Four women were abducted from different areas in Okara. The first incident took place in Sadar police precinct where three armed men broke into the house of Razia bibi and her sister, Asia, in village 20-GD. The men kidnapped Asia at gunpoint. Another incident took place in Shahbore police precinct where Irshad, Sardar, Iqbal, Imdad, Shaukat, Allah Dita and Nasreen kidnapped Kausar at gunpoint. The third incident took place in Satghera police precinct, where Mukhtar, Sarfraz, Shaukat, Mushtaq and Manzoor allegedly kidnapped Sakina, the daughter of Mehar Ali, of village 11-1R. In an incident at Thatha Mehar Ali Shah, Shaukat Ali, Murtaza, Zahid Ali and Allah Ditta broke into the house of Amanat Ali and kidnapped his daughter Kaneez at gunpoint. Police registered cases. staff report

14 Apr 06,, 22:26
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20 members of a family injured in acid attack

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MULTAN: At least 20 members of a family were injured when 10 people allegedly threw acid on them after failing to kidnap a girl in Shaikhpur Shujra village (Mattotli) on Wednesday night.

“We have arrested 10 people and registered a case against them,” Multan DPO Munir Ahmed Chishti told reporters. He said the accused attacked the family to kidnap Shamim Bibi, 18.

Police said Muhammad Hayat Khan wanted Shamim to marry his son Muhammad Rafiq, but Muhammad Aslam, Shamim’s father, made her marry Khalid. To take revenge, Hayat Khan, Shamim’s maternal uncle, and his accomplices attacked Aslam’s house to kidnap Shamim. When her parents and relatives resisted, the kidnappers threw acid on them.

Doctors say that the faces and eyes of many people were damaged. They were admitted to the Burns Unit of Nishtar Hospital in Multan where the condition of three people is stated to be serious. Shamim’s husband Khalid is also among the injured. Aslam told reporters that Hayat Khan and his accomplices attempted to kidnap his daughter at gunpoint and denied reports that she had eloped with Rafiq. He said the attackers attempted to get medico-legal certificates based on self-inflicted injuries but police foiled their attempt and arrested them.